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Runescape 99 Woodcutting Guide

Updated on March 9, 2013

RS Junkie's Runescape 99 Woodcutting Guide

Woodcutting is a useful skill that does not require a lot of attention, and can bring in some pretty great profits if you are looking to make money, or can be a quick skill to obtain 99 in if time saving is more your thing. Throughout this guide I will show you both the quickest, and the way with the most potential for profit to obtain 99 woodcutting.


Hatchet Levels

You always want to make sure that you are using the best possible hatchet for your level. This will increase the chopping speed, and help you progress through the levels faster.

Level 1 - Iron Hatchet
Level 6 - Black Hatchet
Level 21 - Mithril Hatchet
Level 31 - Adamant Hatchet
Level 41 - Rune Hatchet
Level 61 - Dragon Hatchet


Level 1-15 - Normal Tree

From level 1-15, you will be simply chopping normal trees around runescape. There are trees surrounding any town or in any forest, so simply find a group of normal trees and begin cutting. Once you reach level 6, remember that you will want to switch from your iron hatchet to your black hatchet. You will do this regardless of if you are interested in getting 99 fast, or through the money making method.


Level 15-30 - Oak Tree

Now that you have hit level 15, you are able to chop oak trees. There are many locations where you can find oak trees as well including outside of falador, varrock, or dranyor. They respawn quickly, so these should not be a problem to find either. Once you find your spot, simply chop oak logs until you hit level 30. Remember to switch to your Mithril Hatchet at level 21. I like cutting oaks on the east side of varrock just outside the gate and then banking the logs at Varrock east bank to save time dropping them.


Level 30-60 or 68 - Willow Tree

If you are interested in the fastest experience, you will be chopping willow tree's until level 68. If you would like to make money though, you may switch over to Yew logs at level 60. From here I will separate the guide into money making and into fastest experience. The best place to chop Willow logs in my opinion is in Dranyor Village since there are quite a few trees grouped together, and the bank is right next to the trees which again saves the time of dropping the logs. Remember to switch to your Adamant Hatchet at level 31, and then rune at level 41.


Level 60-75 - Yew Trees (Money Making)

If you are interested in making the most money through woodcutting, you would stop cutting willows at level 60, and begin cutting Yew Trees. There are a few good places to cut such as near Catherby, or South of Falador or Northern Varrock near the Grand Exchange. All of these are close to banks, so simply pick the one that you prefer, and cut Yew logs until you hit level 75. Make sure you bank your logs, and switch to your Dragon Hatchet as soon as you hit level 61 to speed the process.


Level 75-99 - Magic Trees (Money Making)

Now that you have reached level 75, you are now able to cut Magic trees! These provide you with much more money than yews, but the speed at which they are chopped is quite slow. So you may want to simply stick with Yew logs for a while until you hit a higher woodcutting level, or stick with yews until 99. But for those of you who want to earn the most money, you would then begin chopping Magic trees at 75 and stay there until you reach 99! The best place to chop Magic Logs is south of Seer's Village in the Sorcerer's Tower. Bank your logs in Seer's Village, and watch the money pile in!


Level 68-80 - Choking Ivy (Fastest Method)

If you are wanting to get to 99 woodcutting in the fastest way possible, you would want to continue chopping Willow logs until you hit level 68, and then begin chopping Choking Ivy. There is Choking ivy in most towns, and my favorite place to chop it was always in Ardouge since I felt it wasn't as crowded. Choking Ivy grows on the sides of walls, and when chopped, no logs or anything are produced which means you will not require banking. Simply chop the Ivy from the walls, and when it disappears, move to the next patch and continue doing this until 99 if you enjoy the fact that you don't have to pay much attention, or if you would like to earn faster experience but require more attention, then you may move to the sawmill.


Level 80-99 - Sawmill (Fastest Method)

To get to the sawmill training, you must head North - East of Varrock to the lumberyard. It is recommended that you bring a Crystal Saw as this will increase your XP/Hr, but if you do not have one then you do not need to bring anything and can get a saw from the lumberyard. This section is hard to explain since it is a bit more complex, so I will provide a video to help take you through this section of leveling.

Skill Mastery!

Whether you chose to take the money making method, or go for the fastest method to get 99 Woodcutting, once you hit level 99 you will be able to go and purchase your new Skill Cape! You can head to Wilfred just north of Falador to purchase your new cape for 99K gp.
Congratulations! Level 99 woodcutting is not one of the easiest skills to obtain 99 in.


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