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The New Furby Boom For 2013 - Release Date & Price

Updated on July 30, 2013

Last year Hasbro reintroduced the Furby. This massive toy was once again one of the biggest selling toys on the market and it really did do very well for Hasbro. Well now they are bringing out the Furby Boom, a new version for 2013. On this page we are going to review the Furby Boom, look at release date, price and where you can get this fun little toy from. If you are a fan of the original then you are sure to like the new Furby Boom.

When the Furby first came on the scene back in the 80’s it was simply huge. The annoying thing of course was that there was no off switch so this toy soon came to be known as the most irritating toy ever made. Hasbro decided it was time to update the toy and bring it into the new century. So they stuck with the original look but used the latest technology to make the toy more interactive and more entertaining, plus they made sure there was now a way to turn them off. With the massive success of the new version it is no great surprise that they want to build on that success, so now they are releasing the Furby Boom for 2013.

The Furby Boom

Get The New Furby Boom Online

The Furby Boom Arrives

When the new version came out last year there was also an app you could download that allowed you to interact with your Furby. Now though Hasbro have decided they are going to base their new Furby Boom on the app entirely. That means the actual physical toy is almost second place to the actual app. The Furby Boom itself comes in a variety of bright and vivid colours. They have stripes, dot and allsorts to make them the most visually spectacular Furby yet, there are six new versions to collect in all. Once again there are little LED eyes which light up and can move around in various ways.

The Furby Boom really comes alive though when you start the app up. Using the app you can hatch a new Furbling, and then rear it yourself. You can use the app to unlock content in your actual toy and there are lots of different responses programmed in. The great thing is you are not limited to just one Furbling, you can unlock more and more and create an entire community of these little creatures on your app.

You can also interact with you physical toy in some unusual ways. For instance you can help it go to the bathroom. Often the Furby Boom will just poop out brown poop, but other times it will poop out little prizes and gifts. The app works in stages so you progress through the game and unlock new content on the app and on your physical toy. The idea is that the app keeps the child occupied, making them want to log on every day and feed it’s new Furblings, doing this give you more options and unlocks more content. So unlike the original 80’s toy which soon become repetitive and annoying, this new version keeps being fun for weeks and months on end, that is the idea anyway.

A Range Of Designs

Release Date & Price

There are six new Furby Booms coming out, all of them really do look very spectacular and cute. Hasbro are saying there are twice as many possible responses programmed into your Furby so there is plenty to keep children entertained for hours. They are going to retail at around the $65 mark so similar to what they were back last year.

As for a release date we are expecting the Furby Boom to start showing up in stores in the US around August time so plenty of time to get hold of these before the holiday season. It is expected the release date will be a little later in most countries that are going to be stocking these toys. They should be in most places by late September though.

Last year it was getting really hard to find a Furby in the run up to Christmas so it could be there is a similar rush this year. Prices seem to jump up in December so it would be wise to get these early. You can get them online now which is often the cheapest way of getting hold of toys like this.

One thing Hasbro mentioned is that they are going to make sure the app is free with the toy. Plus there will be no in app purchases that will encourage children to spend money. This is good news because at $65 per unit parents are already going to have to spend a fair bit of cash to get one of these. We are seeing an increasing trend with toys having apps that run alongside them so it’s no great surprise that we are seeing the Furby head in this direction.

In recent years interactive toys such as Fijit Friends and Furreal Friends have become more and more popular. So the reboot of the Furby has come at the perfect time as Hasbro look to increases sales in their interactive toy range. The new Furby Boom looks like being another big hit this Christmas, it is unlikely it will do as well as they did last year with the first reboot but even so, chances are this is going to be another big seller.


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      4 years ago

      No doubt about it, Furby boom is just as annoying as the old Furby. The only obvious difference is the app which is now more visually engaging, but after several years of updates with any app that's to be expected - none of the changes justify the big price tag to update, that is certain.

      Sadly, our home rid itself of the Furby finally in October, only to have it replaced with the new devil spawn at Christmas, thanks to thoughtless inlaws. To be sure it will be disappearing very shortly, even with the AU$99 price tag.


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