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Benefits Of Swimming Exercise

Updated on October 22, 2011

Swimming has become an increasingly popular sport, especially for the ones who love cool down during the hot summers.

Swimming is fun, its energetic, keeps us active and I am sure you’ve all heard swimming helps you become tall. Well, its all quite true, no matter why you swim it is a great activity.

Swimming is one of the few activities that require work from all parts of your body. As an exercise it is very beneficial; however it all depends on why you are doing it.

For instance, swimming is a great way to stay in shape, it is a great way to increase your stamina and metabolic rate and of course, it is easy, and can be anytime and anywhere where there is a body of water.


When you swim you use your arms, your lungs and legs. As you use them, you help increase their acrobatic capacity. Many people feel refreshed and mentally relaxed after a good exercise of swimming.

Many people have found that swimming has helped them in making muscles and keeping their body toned. Although beware that one day of swimming does not mean instant weight loss or fitness. You need to keep on doing it for a long time before you start becoming fit.

Besides, it’s a well known fact that water has more resistance than air, thus swimming requires you to work 12 times harder than you would have when you were on land. Your muscles need to exert more pressure and force.

Therefore, you develop stronger muscles. People also believe that with continuous months of swimming they grow taller. Many athletes who play professionally, used to swim when they were younger to grow taller.

Increase Stamina And Metabolic Rate

Now, you think that you don’t need to take care of your body. Cause, hey it’s your life and you can eat, drink and smoke whatever you want. But, just for a second think, what if you swam and became fit.

You would help your body work more efficiently, and you might live longer. The smoke could have damaged your lungs but swimming may help heal them. So start swimming, it will help you build more heart muscle, and pump blood faster. Your blood circulation will improve and affect your health positively.

Ever walked up the stairs and started breathing heavily? Well that is your body telling you, that you need to work out or small things will tire you out easily. 

These small things could be walking for five minutes, or running for two minutes. Do you really want to become a couch potato? Become inactive and wait for someone to help in your daily activities because you’re too tired and your stamina is low? Do you want be a child? Become helpless, weak and vulnerable.

No right? So just take a few hours away from the television and exercise. Swimming is a good choice for those not afraid of the water. When you swim you use all parts of your body. This helps them build extra muscles. This way you don’t get tired easily when doing strenuous exercise and you are like to be more active and healthy in your old age.

Immunity From Some Diseases

There has been research that has proved that people with a sedentary lifestyle tend to develop heart problems, joint pains and obesity in comparison to swimmers.

Swimming strengthens the muscles and makes them stronger to fight against bacteria and germs. It also prevents some heart problems and help cure most joint pains. Obviously, swimming controls obesity too.

Safe Exercise

Ever heard the term ‘no pain, no gain’? Well I have and this term always seems to work when I try to go to the gym.

The fear of dropping the dumbbells or falling from the treadmill empowers some people. For accident prone people the gym is a hazard area.

It is better to go swim, although they might trip on the way to the pool, but that’s what rubber slippers were invented for.

Therefore, most people feel the water is a protective place and it’s easier because even when you fall in the pool, the water helps you push back up.

You usually don’t get hurt. Besides, many athletes who suffer from injury use the water for rehabilitation purposes. People with joint pains don’t feel the pain in joints when swimming as they would on land. So you see swimming is a great exercise.

Working out is never easy, it takes time and effort. But trust me it’s worth it. You stay fit and you feel better and fresher when you swim than any other exercise.

Benefits Of Swimming


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    • profile image

      Kenny  7 years ago

      Great hub. Love swimming and its a great skill to have and much easier on the joints than other types of exercise. I was not aware of the belief that it helps you grow taller by growing stronger muscles.