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Home Remedies For Boils - know the cause and symptoms

Updated on July 27, 2012

What are boils?

In this article, I am going to explain some facts about boils and its possible home remedies that you can do about it. Boils are large, often painful, infection of a hair follicle that appears anywhere in a person's body especially in buttocks, armpits, abdomen region and groins. It is medically known as an abscess and first appear like a pimple.

What are its Causes?

Some factors causing boils include:

*It is mainly caused by bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus.

* People or athletes who are often engaged in sport activities, such as boxing, football, wrestling or basketball, are more likely to develop this bacteria. Mostly they tend to share towels, soaps, sports equipment and clothes that allow bacteria to enter the skin.

* Having poor hygienic practice

* Broken skin from minor scrapes and scratches, or other skin problems such as eczema

* Being diabetic, particularly that is poorly controlled


* Boils usually begins as a red mark which look exactly like a pimple and continuously grow bigger. The small part of the skin becomes red and swollen, eventually forms a painful bump, and later on a white or yellow head which is called " the eye" appears.

* In some cases when one boil heals, another one pops out and repeats the cycle again and again.

* A scar may be left after the tissue has healed. The most prone region are the neck, buttocks, groin and especially the armpits.

More serious infection can result and medical treatment is needed if a boil is located near the eyes or nose to prevent the spread of infection to the brain.

Boils Home Remedies

* The first home remedy for boils on the list is very easy thing to do, you just have to maintain personal hygiene, and cleanliness of the entire body. Wash hands as often as needed and have a regular bowel movement.

* Apply a drop of lemon over the boil.

* Onion allows to heal boils as it is also known for its antiseptic effect. Get a slice of onion and apply it over the affected area. Cover the affected area with clean damp cloth and wait until the head burst out on its own.

* Honey also contributes great medicinal value in healing certain infections.

* Garlic oil has also been use during the early times and helps the body fight against a wide range of infections.

* Look for products that are specially formulated to help improve immunity and helps skin repair and healing of wounds.

* Neem tree or the castor oil is also one good natural home remedies for boils.

* Application of iodine over the affected area will help prevent further growth of bacterial infections

* Tea tree oil is also effective in the relief of the discomfort causing bacteria as this oil has a natural antiseptic and antibacterial effects, which eventually helps heal quickly. Just pour 5 to 6 drops of tea tree oil in a cup of clean water, soak a clean damp cloth into it and apply smoothly and directly on the affected part. Repeat as often as needed.

* Grated carrot and wheat germ oil when mixed together can be an effective remedy

* A fresh banana leaf can do wonders, if applied on the affected area aleviate pain and fast healing process.

These are just few home remedies for boils that you can try to it's always best that you check with your doctor and seek medical advice before you do these after all, they know whats's best for you.

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    • Damselfly profile image

      Damselfly 5 years ago from Columbia, MO

      Excellent information. Very concisely presented with useful options. The correlation with bacterial infections also opened some other treatment options/considerations. Thank you.