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MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analytic Submerged Creative Instinct Assessment

Updated on October 6, 2010

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Sea-Voyaging Excavation

The Unconscious Uncharted Waters
The Unconscious Uncharted Waters

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Diving Into the Uncharted Subconscious for Pearls of Ancient Wisdom

Think very carefully of someone whom you are involved with but know the least about. Someone you would really really like to discover the most intimate motivating secrets embedded within. This person must be someone whom you are invested in emotionally.

We are going on a short esoteric psycho-analytic trip. But, you must first agree that you will willingly participate without preconditioned ideas attached. You will need a pen and paper. Ready? Let’s do it.

Say that person’s name aloud articulately and with emotion. Write the person’s name down on paper. Get a clear picture of the mysterious one while we continue on this bi-lateral journey.

Place the first word that comes to mind when trying to describe what you think you know about him/her. Note one aspect of his/her character that you are definitely familiar with, or at least, assume resides within the personality. (Example: emotional, logical, critical, ‘know it all, etc.)

Add one physical thing to the list of attributes. Does he/she laugh a lot? [Happy, sad, morbid, depressed, enthusiastic, shy, inhibited, vain or sallow?] Why do you like/love/adore him/her? Answer honestly and without hesitation. What is the most painful event this person has ever had to endure that you are aware of? If you chose a celebrity, to play his/her life’s story who would that be?

IF he/she were going to choose another mate, besides you, who would be the person of his/her ideal dreams? Have you ever discussed the subject of death? What were the responses? How is this person in any way like your mother? And, how is this person not like your father? What do you suppose is his/her greatest unstated desire? What color are the eyes?

There is a certain dynamism that exists in all of us. It’s an undeniable creative innate trait we are all born with but somehow diminishes along the way. Write one sentence consisting of 5 words that would reveal this hidden aspect. IF this person were to choose a preferred place to visit (for a week) on earth, all expenses paid, but must travel alone, where would it be?

Is this person involved in the career of his most cherished goals? If not, what would that profession be? Is he/she a social person or reclusively withdrawn? Does he/she enjoy spicy foods? What would be the fieriest food he/she would get pleasure from? What was his/her most favorite cartoon while existing in childhood? How does that particular cartoon relate to that particular person?

If you could and would name an entirely different ambitious, barring nothing, path this particular person could take at this moment in life, what would that path be? Is he/she sexually satisfied? Are there inhibiting issues present due to unresolved matters from an earlier point in life? What was the name of his/her favorite teacher?

IF he/she were to ever be involved in a crime that would send him/her to prison, what would it be? How much time would be involved? Would he/she be able to adapt, survive and thrive in such an environment? What personality traits decide this?

Choosing only ONE artistic gift that this person does express or would be capable of expressing, what would it be? [Art, music, drama, comedy, the written word?] Describe the most disappointing circumstance in this person’s life.

If you have vested the necessary energy and followed along with this MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychological Psycho-Analytical Exercise, we shall now take the next step into disclosing deeply ingrained secrets about the person you have used as the object of observational study.

1. The inability to experience pleasure falls under the category of the word you used to describe his/her personality.

2. An inherent shame and sense of underlying guilt attributed to the celebrity you assigned to play the person’s life script.

3. The implicit amount of negativity attached to this person’s thoughts are described by the way in which you described his likeness to your mother and unlikeness to your father.

4. Sexual frustration, inhibition and/or anxiety are described by and through the 5 word sentence you used to describe suppressed innate creative dynamism. A sexual igniting attractiveness is buried deeply within the chosen environmental features of the preferred place to visit.

5. The level of repressed rage is directly attached to the chosen spicy foods. Consider the origin and nature of the food selected.

6. The most favorable memory that elicits unexpressed bliss is associated with the imaginative crime you chose and how he/she would be accommodated in that precarious state. Give substantial thought to this one!

7. The lingering unexpressed talent is indirectly tied to the name of his/her favorite teacher.

8. The most exaggerated fear dealt with presents itself disguised as: unstated desire.

9. The designated soul’s singular themed quest is found in the selected cartoon character

Now, that we have finished this brief example in exposition of MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analytic Psychology, the final excerpt must be shockingly revealed.

The person you have so adequately described is no one other than yourself! [The one you know the least about!] The mate (person you suppsedly chose to examine) is only a miurror of pertinent reflection.

In closing, remember: YOU are the most fascinating subject in the whole wide world to investigate, unravel and enjoy! Just thought you’ d like to know.



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    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 7 years ago

      Beautiful. Thank you.