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What is visualization?

Updated on June 8, 2011

Mental images in the mind

Everybody know imagination, right? There are pictures and images going on all the time in the mind. If those images are sad we become sad, if those images are happy, we become happy. Generally we are the victim of this mental movie. We never try to control it. We don't run the show. It is unconsciously going on.

Visualization is a technique. It is a technique to control this show. It is very easy and simple technique but it is the most powerful technique which can easily change your life. So whatever you hold in your thought for long enough will attract similar thoughts and one day it will become your reality.

So these images are like seed. What you see you get. That's why you should have control on your day dreaming and imagination. You are dreaming means you are creating. Mental images in your mind one day becomes your life.

Photo credit: Flickr user Victoria Henderson
Photo credit: Flickr user Victoria Henderson | Source

How and why visualization work?

Visualization is a technique of focusing your mind on an idea. Buddha said that what you think you become. This is the basic rule. And a picture is more powerful than a word. And mental movies in which you are running the desired pictures of your goal in 3 dimension convince your mind that you can have this. If you imagine something constantly, then it's going to happen in reality.

Your mental images are like blue print of your success. Have you ever noticed, if you are fearful, anxious or unsecured you will tend to attract the very experience or situation. The same way if you hold positive pictures in your mind, if you focus on success that will become your reality

Think and imagine yourself thin and you will become thin. Think yourself rich, imagine vividly your ideal future and you create new neurological paths in your brain.

Start with small goals, for example imagine you are writing 100 hubs, and see what happens. New ideas will come to your mind and journey of 100 hubs will begin with a single line. But still you will have trust that you can do this because you have already imagined it in your mind. Always see the end result and focus.

The physical universe is energy, we are energy and everything around us is energy only. This energy is magnetic. When you focus on some idea, that idea is like a blue print. It magnetize and shape the physical energy to make it your reality. Your reality is born in your imagination.

Use of visualization

You can use visualization to improve any area of your life. Sports, driving, public speaking, healing, improving your relationships, solving problems, quit bad habits, etc.


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