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  1. profile image49
    TommyLeonposted 9 years ago

    Please Help!! I desperately need to be fit!!! I have tried many diets and exercises, but to no avail. I manage to lose a few pounds initially whenever I start something new, but I am back to square one again! I am completely exasperated and feel depressed. I do not know what to do. I will go to any extent to get a fit body.

    1. usmanali81 profile image59
      usmanali81posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Try fasting, prayer and regular excercise.

    2. profile image48
      ArmandoFelixposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Do not lose hope. I am sure you are on the right track and your efforts will soon bring results. However, for some insight and counseling log on to The site comes across with very valuable ways to change your approach and attitude towards things. It will guide you in the right direction towards dieting and exercising.

  2. Profmaggy profile image60
    Profmaggyposted 9 years ago

    Walking helps.  Time yourself and start walking faster every week.  Monitor what you eat.  Be conscious about your habits.
    I encourage people to do yoga and meditation to curb desires and bad habits.
    Good luck in your endeavors.  Change comes from within and you can do it.

  3. Lisa HW profile image64
    Lisa HWposted 9 years ago

    People have weight "issues" for different reasons, so I don't know if any of my suggestions will be right for you; but here goes..

    Not long ago I did research for an article on stress and food cravings.  If you're all stressed out your body will crave high-energy foods (sugar and fats); because Nature wants to get you back "down" from a stress response (which is dangerous to your health).  The doctors who put the study/research together suggested people go ahead and give in to the cravings under short-term stress.  They even said it's better to gain a few pounds than to remain in a high stress response. 

    If you live under a lot of longer term stress you may have trouble functioning if you don't eat at least some high-energy foods (but not too many).  If you're cutting out too many carbs or fats you may not feel well enough to keep going with the exercise program.  What about making your own diet by eliminating all sweets/refined; but allowing a little fat (like tuna salad, scrambled egg, cheese); and maybe only allowing one serving of starch a day?

    Other than that, have you tried one of the "alternative" fitness programs that can be fun (like Hip Hop Abs, which is a workout made up up of Hip Hop moves and is really fun, no matter how old you happen to be)?  These programs are aimed at burning calories and getting certain muscles toned.  Others are Turbo Jam (kickboxing), Core Rhythms (Latin dance moves) (kind of lady-ish, I guess), and any number of others.  You don't have to buy a whole, big, DVD set.  Amazon and other places that sell fitness DVD's has single-DVD's that offer workouts.  These happen to be fun because they don't require equipment, so they seem effortless.

    It's generally said, too, that people have to get through a plateau stage of weight loss.  Sometimes people lose water at first.  They can also gain muscle, which translates to a weight gain.  For any number of reasons there can be plateau stages, and that's said to be one of the biggest challenges for people.


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