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In a nutshell, how do I get myself to want to turn my life around, and then do i

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    cross-me-outposted 8 years ago

    In a nutshell, how do I get myself to want to turn my life around, and then do it?

    I pace the floor of this tiny place like a madman not having a clue of even what's going on in my head.  I am the only person in my life. Fear consumes me. It's now to the point where before I wanted help and couldn't bring myself to get it, but now I don't really want help if I could get it.  Eight yrs of depression & social anxiety.  Where do I go from here, there has to be a change Now!   (Note to self: If I really didn't want help, then why would I be posting this)

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    4everfitnessposted 8 years ago

    Just do it and don't look back.


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    Miss Know-It-Allposted 8 years ago

    I am going through the same situation with a friend. He has spent the last 2 year's doing absolutely nothing. He stays home, goes on the computer and just get's through the day. It all began after the lose of his girlfriend. Pretty much time waits for nobody and in 10 year's you will look back and regret all the time you wasted. Life can be beautiful if you want it to be. Sit down and write everything you want to do in your life, a bucket list. If you need money to do these things and your not working, find any job and tell yourself this job is temporary so I can see the world. Surround yourself with positive people, there's nothing worse then being around people that bring you down. Just realize that it is up to you to change your life around. Tomorrow morning tell yourself  "This is it, I will go into the New Year with goals and plans" and follow through with them. xoxo

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    GoGrannyposted 8 years ago

    hello, have you been to your doctor? If not please do that to rule out any physical conditions that may be affecting your mental health. If everything checks out OK ask your doctor about medications that could be helpful. Have you seen a counselor? Try that as well.
    Consider the events that led up to your depression. Whatever that was consider what you can do to come to terms with it. Here is where a counselor can help you. Obviously you are not happy with your current status. Take one step at a time ...see your doctor...talk with a counselor ...and be determined to help yourself. You already have done the hardest part...acknowledging that you have a problem and asking for help.
    Best Wishes for a happier and healthier new year!

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    Tony L Smithposted 7 years ago

    First I reckon you would make the commitment to yourself and to God that you are going to allow yourself to be helped. Help will come.
    Second, you learn the art of meta-neo. There is a following rundown of why this word is so important. Meta (change) and Neo is the mind. So the meaning of this word that King James translated repent means to change the way you think.
    -Your THOUGHTS lead to
    -your FEELINGS, feelings lead to
    -your ACTIONS, or WORDS. Your actions lead to
    -your RESULTS or FRUIT in your life
    No wonder John the baptist and Jesus started their ministrys saying change the way you think because the dominion of a more just King is here.

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    BrokenArrow3posted 5 years ago

    I know & can relateto theway you feel exactly. Im going thru somedifficult times myself right now. The ,longer you llet your depression & anxiety get the best ofyou theworse it will get. Get help from family & Friends,Clergy/Spiritual advisor etc. & ifyou find away to help others less forntuanate than you it will help you heal inside as well