Any comments on hypnosis on kids?

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  1. Rastamermaid profile image70
    Rastamermaidposted 7 years ago

    Any comments on hypnosis on kids?

    My son has a terrible thing about biting his fingers (I don't care what Lebron does),it's nerve wrecking. So I'm looking into a hypnotist for him.

  2. Jeff Hileman profile image38
    Jeff Hilemanposted 7 years ago

    Try making shore he is getting propper Iron levels. Kids are kids aren't they?

  3. Rastamermaid profile image70
    Rastamermaidposted 7 years ago

    He has a through physical every year,so I'm pretty sure his vitamin levels are okay. When I brought it up to his doctor she commented extra energy give him something to do with his hands  such as rosary beads,beaded bracelet to play with etc. Not working so Im trying an alternative.

  4. rochelj profile image63
    rocheljposted 7 years ago

    Make sure to use a professional that is experienced and has a good reputation.

  5. Sustainable Sue profile image97
    Sustainable Sueposted 7 years ago

    Imagine yourself in his place. Under what conditions would you be biting your fingers constantly? If it were me, I'd likely not be feeling very good about myself. I might be bored or lonely or feeling like I'm always in the way.

    If it were a dietary thing and the nails were weak, the biting would not necessarily be constant, so I would look at surrounding circumstances first. Is someone criticizing him regularly or telling him to go do something else (like watch TV)? Is there anyone there for him to talk to or play with?

    He could be anxious about annoying someone or about not measuring up. Does he have things to do that are interesting to HIM (as opposed to doing what he thinks will please someone else)? Do you let him help you around the house and learn stuff that way, while enjoying your companionship? Create a routine of helping him with his homework, reading him a story before bed, showing him how to get his own breakfast or making his bed with him. There are lots of things you or his caretaker can do.

  6. brightforyou profile image81
    brightforyouposted 7 years ago

    Hi Rastamermaid,

    Children develop habits which can be worrying. Sometimes they go away in time.. I agree with Sustainable Sue's suggestions also.  I'd like to know the following:

    1. How old is he?
    2. When did you noticed he first started biting his fingers? 
    3. Were there any changes in his routine?
    4. Were there any problems you or your family members may have been going through at that time and since?
    5. If he is school age, do you know if he has had negative experiences there?
    6. Has someone important to him left?
    7. Does he have a sibling?
    8. Any changes in his sleep pattern?
    9. Is he alone a lot?
    10. Was the a thumb/knuckle sucker as an infant?

    There are many factors to consider. Why not contact me by  email so we can look into this further for you.

    I hope this helps
    Helen Lewis DHP MNRHP


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