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Any natural remedy for a cystic acne?

  1. Varrie profile image37
    Varrieposted 6 years ago

    Any natural remedy for a cystic acne?

    I had this mild acne before but actually forsaken it because of it just being mild ( well I got acne because of many sleepless nights), then in the long run, my acne gone wild. I had this very annoying acne in my cheeks only, what shall you recommend?

  2. RNMSN profile image91
    RNMSNposted 6 years ago

    I know eactly what you are going through!! use fels-naptha soap if you are west of the big river and octagon soap if you are on the east side:)
    here you go
    http://rnmsn.hubpages.com/hub/Are-You-T … randmother

  3. truthfornow profile image83
    truthfornowposted 6 years ago

    I got this tea tree oil cream that is pretty good. I can't use pure tea tree oil due to my sensitive skin, but I have Tea Tree Therapy that is a cream and it gets rid of a lot of red spots of all kinds.  I had a big cyst-like bump on my scalp and it got the swelling down and it is healing now.  Takes a while because it is natural but works good.  Smells kindof like medicine, so I put it on at night before I go to sleep.  Good luck in finding something that works.

  4. Daughter Of Maat profile image96
    Daughter Of Maatposted 6 years ago

    YES! Vitamin E capsules! I cut the end of the capsule open and squeeze the vitamin e liquid (which is rather thick and gooey depending on the brand) directly on to the affected area. Vitamin E's antioxidant effects stimulate healing and prevent oxidation of toxins causing the acne. My face has never been clearer! The only other thing I use on my face is St. Ives Apricot scrub. I use it once daily in the shower and then right before bed I put on the Vitamin E. I try to lay on my back as long as I can prior to falling asleep to let as much of the Vitamin absorb into my skin as possible. (I also use vitamin E in my hair for frizziness, works wonders!) Your skin will be ultra soft in the am, and the first time I tried it I noticed a 50% improvement the next morning. I had a friend of mine try this as well, her acne was actually worse than mine, I saw her a week later and face was perfectly clear, she couldn't stop thanking me! Let me know if it helps!

  5. soner67 profile image57
    soner67posted 4 years ago