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What are your top 3 suggestions for a quality life?

  1. MojoDawg profile image60
    MojoDawgposted 6 years ago

    What are your top 3 suggestions for a quality life?

  2. Sean Evans profile image85
    Sean Evansposted 6 years ago

    1) Keep your wife happy
    2) Learn to say yes mam or yes dear
    3) Don't rely on credit or buy what you can't afford now


  3. athena2011 profile image55
    athena2011posted 6 years ago

    1. Focus on People not Things

    2. Concentrate on what/who you are grateful for and not on what you do not have.

    3. Laugh a lot. Always find things that make you laugh or people who make you laugh and spend time with them.

  4. kj force profile image71
    kj forceposted 6 years ago

    1.First and foremost, live it the way you want, not the way society desiginates or you think the way others would accept.
    2.Never forget where you came from and what made you who you are or where you want to go in life.
    3. Never lose your sense of humor, regarding yourself or life.

    "Whatever..I'm Still Here" based on the above life issues...

  5. smzclark profile image61
    smzclarkposted 6 years ago

    Job satisfaction
    Happy home
    Can I add one more? . . . Health

  6. Mmargie1966 profile image95
    Mmargie1966posted 6 years ago

    A colleague of mine has asked, "What are your top 3 suggestions for a quality life?"

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  7. Faceless39 profile image95
    Faceless39posted 6 years ago

    Eat healthy food at every meal
    Realize we're all interconnected

  8. Author Cheryl profile image87
    Author Cherylposted 6 years ago

    First love your self more than anything

    Second live like there is no tomorrow

    Third love with all your heart

  9. starbright profile image83
    starbrightposted 5 years ago

    1, Learn to forgive yourself
    2. Learn to live in the moment
    3. Learn to laugh more. Laughter is inner jogging - so it's healthy too

  10. profile image0
    Moeskyposted 5 years ago

    1) Live "your" life. Life is a journey and an adventure - be authentic and follow your own path. Write your own "story".

    2) Communicate. Share your ideas and perceptions and experience. Tell your stories and listen to those of others. If we don't communicate well, we don't understand one another. If we don't understand one another we leave ourselves in a state of mistrust and fear.

    3) Find your "Life-theme"... combine your talent and passion and follow your heart into what Sir ken Robinson calls your "Element"!