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A life regret you could reset if you had the chance?

  1. Peter Leeper profile image81
    Peter Leeperposted 5 years ago

    A life regret you could reset if you had the chance?

    If there was one moment or regret in your life that you could hit the reset button on, what would it be and why?  Embarassing moments?  Moments of less than stellar morals?  Moments you wish you would have done more or anything at all?

  2. Froggy213 profile image48
    Froggy213posted 5 years ago

    I was scrolling through the answers section of Hubpages and found this question that really made me think:
    A life regret you could reset if you had the chance? By Peter Leeper

    This question, I feel, is an excellent one and deserves a hub. That is what I will do; write a hub about it. read more

  3. duffsmom profile image60
    duffsmomposted 5 years ago

    In high school I accepted an invitation to "grad night" at Disneyland with a young man I didn't really like.  Instead of declining the invitation I went and acted like a complete and utter ass because I did not want to be there.  It was so unfair to him.  I treated him terribly and if I could go back and do it over again I really would.  That was in maybe 1968 and I still feel horrible about it.

  4. silentnomore profile image59
    silentnomoreposted 5 years ago

    I regret that I didn't get the choice to be a stay at home Mom to my only child when he was young.  If I could go back and do it over, I would definitely stay home and raise him myself.  I was blessed in many ways because I worked for a family business so I was able to take him to work with me and therefore I was there for his first steps, first words, etc..., but it wasn't the same as being able to be there for him 24/7.  When my son was 14 I had an opportunity to be a stay at home Mom for a few months and I loved it.  When Michael would come home from school he would tell me about his day and we would talk, I think it was a special time.  I have come to peace with that part of my life and I know that during his formative teen years when he needed me most I was there for him more than I was able to be when he was a small child.  I know I am a great Mom and I did the best that I could with the time that I had and I am proud to say Michael has turned out just fine.  He is in college now and is talking with the Marines about enlisting later this year.  I am a proud mother.