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Where is the best place in your home for quiet time?

  1. Joan King profile image73
    Joan Kingposted 5 years ago

    Where is the best place in your home for quiet time?

    Where would you go if you need to find a few minutes or an hour of peace and quiet in your home. There are times that you just need to retreat to a room to think, to breathe. Is it the bathroom, the bedroom, the garage?


  2. pstraubie48 profile image87
    pstraubie48posted 5 years ago

    My bedroom is my happy place. I have hanging on the wall a framed picture of a lovely valley, green shrubs and plants, dripping with a rainbow array of flowers, and a tiny babbling brook...very tranquil. If I really need to chill, I can lie down on my bed and 'go to my happy place' via the picture and clear my head. The ceilings are very high and the windows reach from ceiling to about a foot off the floor so it is a light and airy space.

  3. duffsmom profile image59
    duffsmomposted 5 years ago

    SInce our kids are grown, our house is pretty quiet - but if I really need to get away from husband and the sounds of the dogs moving around, I head to my craft room and watch a DVD and fold laundry or work on some project.

  4. RandomLife profile image60
    RandomLifeposted 5 years ago


    My place stays fairly quiet, but I can always go to my bedroom and sink into my bed for relaxation. I love to meditate to clear my mind. Snuggling with my doggie makes my quiet time even better! smile

  5. jaybird22 profile image70
    jaybird22posted 5 years ago

    My bedroom.  My bedroom is currently in a re-modeled basement.  Because it is below ground level, it is cool in the summer and warmer in the winter (because the furnace is down there).  There is a lot of space and it is very quiet. I have a 65 in flat screen TV and a docking station to listen to music.  I have everything I need to relax and think.