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How do you prevent yourself from sitting down for too long?

  1. D22314 profile image77
    D22314posted 5 years ago

    How do you prevent yourself from sitting down for too long?

    When I write, I spend much too much time in my chair typing away. I try to keep a schedule where I move around every half an hour or so, but it doesn't seem to work very well and I end up feeling pretty bad physically sometimes if I write too much. Any advice on how to write but still remain active?

  2. profile image0
    topaz blueposted 5 years ago

    Well I find my body generally tells me when I need another cup of tea! So I move around when I make this, usually about every hour or some times half an hour. Yes I do like my tea!
    Hope you find your answer
    Topaz Blue

  3. Stacie L profile image89
    Stacie Lposted 5 years ago

    To prevent myself from sitting to long  when my shoulders start to hurt and my eye sight becomes blurry!
    Also I set a timer for 30-60 minutes to remind me.

  4. Dr. Haddox profile image79
    Dr. Haddoxposted 5 years ago

    It is true that sitting down too long is bad for your health, over time. There are desks available on the market that allows one to stand while working on the computer or typing. However, one must guard against standing for prolonged periods of time, because of the effects it has on the veins of the legs. Taking breaks, as you are already doing, is good however. I wish you the best of luck as you check out the suggestion that I have given you and others suggestions that I am sure you will get.
    Dr. Haddox

  5. mjboomer profile image76
    mjboomerposted 5 years ago

    I have daily habits that require me to keep moving including walks, chores and work. However I do not sit at work, so those days I am on my feet 5 to 8 additional hours.
    At my age, my body gets very sore and complains profusely when I sit too long.
    As well, I practice what I teach regarding healthy ageing.

  6. Gloshei profile image61
    Glosheiposted 5 years ago

    It is not as easy as it sounds, we all like writing and tend to get carried away. If I sit too long my legs start to twitch so I know I have to get up and move around.
    Look out for simple signs such as, restless legs, hands feel sore, eyes are dry, dry throat these are a few so when you recognise your sympton that will be the time to move.

  7. novascotiamiss profile image86
    novascotiamissposted 5 years ago

    I make sure that I have to get up every now and then. To get a glass of water, to go to the washroom, to do some household chores etc. Of course I could organize everything in one go but that's the point. Then I wouldn't have to get up.

  8. joanwz profile image73
    joanwzposted 5 years ago

    I take regular bathroom breaks, I leave my writing desk for meals. I exercise first thing every morning before breakfast and again before lunch. I walk away from my desk when it's dinner time and don't come back til the next day. Duing the evening I try to get out and do something with my husband, even if it's only leaving the house for 20 or 30 minutes.  I'm like you. Once i get in front of the keyboard, I have to force myself to leave or I'd be there nonstop and i'd feel bad physically for not getting up and moving around.

  9. ThussaysNanaMarie profile image75
    ThussaysNanaMarieposted 5 years ago

    Use your mobile phone (which is probably near you all the time) and set a 40 minute alarm or timer to get you up and moving every 40 minutes then decide on getting a drink, stretch or letting the cat in or out, as the case may be.

    You could place the phone far away from you so you have to get up to get to it when it rings.

    You could allow yourself only so much writing time a day or be mindful and spread it out if you spend more than 4 hours and then try to finish within that alloted time. 

    You could plan your writing around other activities so you have to have a break every so often.

    What ever you do, do try and keep moving. Deep vein thrombosis likes an immobile person. Happy writing!

  10. alifeofdesign profile image91
    alifeofdesignposted 5 years ago

    I don't keep everything that I need or want during the day close at hand. Therefore, I'm forced to get up to retrieve them. For example, I keep my snacks in the kitchen and my cell phone.

    Also, I make a daily 'to-do' list. On that list I write things that I must get accomplished through the day. I will list items in such a way that force me to get up and move around. For example, I needed to water the garden, so I listed that task a few items down on my list.

  11. wetnosedogs profile image61
    wetnosedogsposted 5 years ago

    I have trouble sitting too long since the dogs want to go out, they want to come in, my coffee cup is empty and on and on. I work during the day, but get energized in the evening. And sometimes not.

  12. Amethystraven profile image78
    Amethystravenposted 5 years ago

    I make an effort to go outside and do yard work, or just take a walk in my neighborhood. Giving the body a healthy balance of sitting and standing or being active is great. If you don't use your body actively, you tend to lose mobility over time. People can become stiff, develop joint and muscle weakness, as well as develop spider veins and varicose veins from sitting too long. Simply make an effort to do some form of exorcise or outside activity. Regress back to that part of childhood where you did things outside.

  13. Jackie Lynnley profile image89
    Jackie Lynnleyposted 5 years ago

    Keep projects going or make yourself donate so much time to housework or outdoor exercise. It seems to be a natural for me, I never get enough time to sit and write but there is always something needing done! I write or read related Hp first thing every morning but almost always have somewhere I must go within an hour or two and coming right back to it then only allows me limited time until a meal must be prepared or laundry, etc. Just throw in a few chores cause I can tell you my butt never gets numb! lol

  14. pstraubie48 profile image84
    pstraubie48posted 5 years ago

    I know that is not good for me to sit too long for a number of reasons. So I stop periodically and go do other things, mainly things that require me to move around. I also go for short walks at least twice a day.

  15. Ambyotic profile image60
    Ambyoticposted 5 years ago

    If you watch TV while you're at your computer, you could put the remote in another room so that you have to get up to walk to the TV when you want to change the channel or adjust the volume.  What helps me from time to time is also leaving all phones in other rooms, so that when they ring I have to get up and walk to them to answer.