What is the one emotional pain that you would prevent others from experiencing i

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  1. Billie Kelpin profile image84
    Billie Kelpinposted 5 years ago

    What is the one emotional pain that you would prevent others from experiencing if you could?

    Mothers Against Drunk Drivers use their pain to attempt to protect others from experiencing this type of loss. It is the pain that has affected us the most, that we wish we could stop for others.  What is that pain for you and how would you go about preventing others from experiencing if you could?


  2. CraftytotheCore profile image79
    CraftytotheCoreposted 5 years ago

    Before my son was diagnosed with Autism, we went through a lot. 
    There is a disconnect between societal, medical, and educational systems with regards to children with special needs.
    It is my hope that all families and caregivers can get the help and support they need without going through the painful emotional and financial turmoil it cost before and immediately following the initial diagnosis.

    For example, there is no "list" or "guide" for what to do when your child has Autism symptoms.  We received horrendous treatment by the private school system he was enrolled in at the time, and even more so, it devastated us financially chasing a rabbit (so to speak) because no one could diagnose him. 

    We went through speech therapy for almost six months, out of pocket because insurance refused to cover it; we had a regular therapist, a pediatrician, an MRI, a EEG, an EKG, allergy testing, etc.  He was preliminarily diagnosed with phonological disorder but given no reason why.

    Eventually, after developing hallucinations, scary as that was, he was finally diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome.  2 hospitalizations and 9 weeks of out-patient later, he was enrolled in the special needs services at a public school.  Then the real fun began (being sarcastic).

    Finally, someone suggested we get a care coordinator!  What a joke!  She was interested more in the paycheck she received than helping.  She made my life so much more complicated, and this was AFTER we had seen numerous doctors and had about 5 diagnosis!

    We have come so far with my little boy.  But the painful toll it takes on a family, juggling regular life as well as horrendous medical appointments, testing, (even genetic testing), and sitting through meeting after meeting.  What the world really needs is a connection between family...medical...school...so we are all on the same page.  No guess work.  Just a check list standard for all kinds of issues.

    My son has seen so many doctors because every one is a specialist in a different area.  Some were totally unnecessary but we were told to see them just in case he had something they could "fix".

    It's a very painful journey.

    1. Billie Kelpin profile image84
      Billie Kelpinposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      C, poignant pain. By writing, I think professionals reading this will think twice abt their interaction w/parents. I know it prompted me to ask another question on hubpages re: stupid things we,as teachers, have told parents.(Your son seems amazing!)

  3. peeples profile image94
    peeplesposted 5 years ago

    The emotional pain of suffering through foster care. For me the answers are simple. The plan is easy, and if capable I would love to share one simple message to those in need of it. There is no way to eliminate the pain of knowing your family abused you and chose not to keep you. However there is an entire world waiting for us foster kids to become part of it. In that time as an adult we can slowly fix all the pains we had as children. We can become in control of something. We can trade the trash bags for moves into suitcases for vacation. We can change the lonely Christmas' into time spent with our children and inlaws. We can create the beauty that our childhood had absent. We can never erase the pain. There is no making it stop. There is no way to grow out of it, but there are a million ways of making the most out of it.

    1. Billie Kelpin profile image84
      Billie Kelpinposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      The focus is in the right place, not on the family who abused you, but the family in your life now. I can relate a bit being left by my husband in preference for someone else.He was my family,but my focus needs to be on my new husband and family now.

  4. Escobana profile image72
    Escobanaposted 5 years ago

    If I could stop the pain anyone goes through who suffers from any mental illness, I I would do so in an instant.

    For being Bipolar and for knowing what is is like to grow up in this world of taboo and shame, I would do anything to stop people from suffering from the pain of being castigated for something that is out of their control for a long long time.

    The pain of losing control, finding your way back to reality and then losing it again is incredibly hard and scary. If your loved ones, friends or collegues start to treat you like a crazy person on top of that, you want to cover yourself under your blankets and never get out of bed again.

    To feel lost in depression, to feel scared in your psychosis, to lose control in your maniacal episode or to change into a totally different person due to any kind of mental illness, shouldn´t be part of anyone´s life.

    Therefor I write about Bipolar Disorder as my niche topic, to create awareness and to avoid others to judge those who suffer from this illness. It´s the harsh opinions and the painful comments about any mental illness that make the road to recovery so much longer.

    I´m glad I learned how to deal with my Bipolar Disorder and I wouldn´t even want to live without it. It turned me into a stronger person than before.


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