Use of salt

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    pritamobiposted 15 months ago

    Use of salt

    which type of salt should be used for those suffering from osteoarthritis.Which salt and how should be used to reduce weight.

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    Terrielynn1posted 15 months ago

    Salt doesn't help to reduce weight. You need to reduce the amount of salt you use. Increase your water and reduce carbs. For arthritis you can bath in Epsom salt. It helps reduce pain. I add essential oils for even more pain relief.

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    Biplabwritesposted 14 months ago

    High consumption salt leads to death and disability. It has a direct effect on our blood pressure.When we consume much salt our body requires extra fluid which causes high blood pressure that leads to heart attack. In our daily life, we need 1 g of salt and children need even less.For controlling high salt consumption we have to control our food habit. We have to reject restaurant type food and processed food which generally have a high amount of salt.

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