Are You A Weight Loss Bully?

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  1. Ranaesheart profile image58
    Ranaesheartposted 10 years ago

    " You need to be an absolute bully when it comes to weight loss..."

    These were the last words I would hear from her,the stranger who was commuting with me on my way back.

    Before I could ask what she meant being a bully,she has disappeared into the crowd at the next stop.I mean she was gone, and vanished without a trace into the platform with the crowd!

    But something about her, there was this air of wisdom and uniqueness that can make you think.

    Yes.She had the power to make you think..

    But hold on...was I dreaming? Or did it really happen?

    It doesnot matter now!

    I really didnot grasp the true meaning of what she meant and it kept me pondering for days.

    As waves of thoughts crossed my mind and questions started to flood my brain,I asked

    How do you be a bully? and strangely enough at your weight loss?

    Did she mean being a ruffian?(you will have to excuse my language..) Being absolutely ruthless in conquring your goals?

    Did she mean Taking the sword to your weight loss and waging a war?

    Did she mean standing up to your freedom to a healthy life style?

    It is an irony, the word "bully" and having to
    stand up for wot you beleived in?

    Or did she meant being courageous and and made sure nothing stood in your way?

    I dont know waht she meant...

    If I asked you "Are you a bully at your weight loss?" wot does it mean to you?
    What is your initial reaction and how would you resort yo answer?

    Am I being silly?

    Your answers will dtermine the outcome.

    I am waiting to hear from the real people!

  2. Boss Number 1 profile image69
    Boss Number 1posted 10 years ago

    What it makes me think of is bullying myself into meeting my own expectations and goals.  it's EASY to say, 'I'm tired, I think I'll skip my work out today', or 'It's only ONE cookie!'  It's a lot harder to bully yourself into doing what you need to do to stick to your goals, 'I don't care if it's one cookie--you need to resist!', or 'Get off your lazy, tired butt & go work out!'

    When I was trying to avoid the Freshman Fifteen in college, I literally posted post-its all around my room that said "Get off your Lazy Butt & GO WORK OUT!"  That's not exactly kind language.  It's kind of bully-like, don't you think?  But, I'll tell you, IT WORKED.

    I don't know for sure if that's what your wise woman meant, but it's what makes sense to me.

  3. tjmum profile image59
    tjmumposted 10 years ago

    I don't hink I have the energy to be a bully! Perhaps she meant that you need to be your own motivator to get yourself to lose weight. Either that or she was a weight loss councillor nad was bullying all the other poor overweight people trying to get thin!

  4. Ranaesheart profile image58
    Ranaesheartposted 10 years ago

    Perhaps! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ninaredza profile image70
    ninaredzaposted 10 years ago

    So many words to inteprete the word "bully". Actually it conjures images of a fat, acne faced kid with a bunch of groupies standing behind him, urging him on, laughing without abandon.

    Maybe that's what she meant. Collect your own unique bunch of "groupies" (read:little voices in your head) telling you that you are the best at your game and not to let anyone stand in your way. Mow them down and get what you want!

    How's that?

  6. Ranaesheart profile image58
    Ranaesheartposted 10 years ago

    Wow! that's a great thought there! thanks for sharing with all of us!

  7. Catherine Behan profile image60
    Catherine Behanposted 10 years ago

    Boy, I really resonated with this article. I am working at taming my inner bully and it seems counterintuitive to empower a bully in me.  I do want to empower a part of me that can decide on good food choices.  I just like to do it from an inner cheerleader perspective.  It is true that everyone has her own way of looking at that inner power.  Catherine


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