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Many Mansions of the Repressed Sacred Sexual Self as Discovered Through MODE of Cosmic Therapy

Updated on April 6, 2014

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analysis

Within the Mind of Unexplored Bliss
Within the Mind of Unexplored Bliss

Mode of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology: Exposing Sexuality's Gifts

Describing Sacred Sensual Sublime Artistic Sexuality, while accurately identifying its immeasurable effects, defies all rational response. Although sexuality is the highest form of spirituality available to mankind, an advent in consciousness would certainly have to occur in order for the erotic pleasure associated to be freely unobjectionably enjoyed.

However, in MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology, the freely expressive premise states unequivocally that unless human beings come to terms with the expressively bountiful spiritual fount of impervious relaxing creative artistic pleasure imbedded, no lasting contentment can be found. In other wrods, we are all co-creators, expected and innately designed to artistically express sensually.

Corridors of unexpressed sexuality mask untold difficulties; the unsuspecting culprit lies in wait to corrode, dismantle and eventually dissolve deceptively camouflaged barren relationships.

Unrequited Passion stirs deep in the labyrinth of one’s sublimely sensual soul, in a myriad of complicated patterns of unexpressed sexuality, many variations of undisclosed bequeathed talent paces.

Talk about unresolved subliminal animated sensual commotion, how does one begin to tame a starved entitled regal lion?

With that image in mind, what exactly is all the stirring commotion surrounding MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Underpinings? What underlying motivation drives its undeniable universal appeal? For what purpose was it created other than to be used as an entertaining, educating, enlightening esoteric psychological tool to uncover, reveal and eliminate self-sabotaging unconscious personality characteristics?

Does it, in fact, engage a uniquely collective psychoanalytical process of lively spontaneous self-induced interactive esoteric fun as sheer amusement? Is it thoroughly and authentically designed to point one in the direction of self-sustaining sexual liberation? You bet your sweet charismatic ‘celestial bippy’, it does!

Free for the taking, MODE of Cosmic Therapy is completely, applicably, naturally, and conveniently demonstrative in everyday life. Based upon ancient irrefutable mystical laws of the universe, the esoteric process stands upon the indestructible concept that EVERYTHING in existence is innately imperishably connected; therefore, what innately happens to, in, through, with and from you affects all.

Your most intimate sexual relationships reflect your innate state of mind, in addition to the unresolved conceptual essence of your world.

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychological self-investigative interactive games offer practical (simple, often comical) mindful insight-so readily/easily available and pertinently relevant- the convenient self-sustaining results occur easily as breathing once activated. In other words, you already possess them!

Implementing a very straightforward, uncomplicated conscious concept of following the ‘ordinary’ , down to earth (no frills attached) personal experiences of the individual, each day, one gains additional insight and power to break the self-limiting chains of insecurity, doubt and perpetual monotony associated with continual indecision.

“To doubt oneself needlessly is a proverbial self-limiting prison of which there’s little escape without the keys of self-awareness.” The individual, alone, possesses these invaluable keys but without apparent recognition of the insignificant ‘little’ things presented each hour, (often discounted and denied) he/she will delay the spontaneous gratitude necessary for appreciating the undesirable events in one’s life.

MODE of Cosmic Therapy’s Esoteric inexplicable incomparable ‘accepted and comfortable’ psychoanalytical approach to expose and ignite the sacred artistic sexuality found within every human being exploits the guilt filled restrictive hold conditionally involuntarily implanted upon the human body. Time to rent the veil of accumulated crippling memorable debris!

Whose impeding ideas are you carrying around? What influential impetus drives you to say and do the things you habitually do? Why is your mind constantly belittled, distorted and unsure when it comes to the simplest of matters?

How did you arrive at this emotionally incapacitated place in your life? Once you experience the thrilling sensual discovery attached to the ease of becoming digestibly free, you continuously celebrate newly excavated rapturous liberating self-determination.

Now, let’s get down to more brass tacks. Is it really possible to eliminate anxiety, worry, and concern and continual self-defeat? Of course it is. It’s all a matter of your deciding, determining and declaring what’s important to you. No one can do that for you but you!

Certainly not Paula Andrea Pyle, M.A., she’d be the first one to tell you emphatically, “If you’re pleading for/to/with anyone or anything, you’re bleeding put a tourniquet on it and keep steady getting up. If you’re having to convince, persuade, or influence another you’re tackling the impossible job of trying to teach those who need to be taught.

No one needs a substitute mother: You were birthed to the one and only female you specifically required in this life {for variegated reasons you can’t possibly see}!”

MODE of Cosmic Therapy is utterly paradoxical, challenging, surprising, contradictory, inexplicable, and gratifyingly side-splitting continuous fun, in the same way life miraculously unfolds, reveals, and flaunts itself when you are unrestricted enough to enjoy it. In other words, it's jsut palin fun!

Purged of self-recrimination, the truth will stand while the rest falls away. The pleasurable methods used to break down reoccurring confining barriers are nothing less than invigoratingly therapeutic. When the latent artistic sublime imponderable zest for creative sensual play is released, unending radiant Enthusiasm flooded by incalculable bliss quickly follows.

MODE of Cosmic Therapy passionately declares that, ‘You’ contain the gut wrenching startling birthing concealed truth of mind-blowing expanding galaxies which constitute endless experimental boundaries.

You are connected, interrelated and incorporated in this eternal divine sustenance. It can be no other way or you would not exist. If you’re ready to break out of the self-imposed pre-fabricated dolled-up superficial skin deep masquerade of a personality and blow up the phony monotonous pointless [half-lived] miserable life in which you currently reside, then by all means tune in and turn on to your sacred sexual artistic self as no one else on earth can do.

“You are in this world but not of it.” (paraphrased)

Because you were born at a designated day, place, hour, in a completely suitable environment (does not matter whether you choose to believe, agree or accept this fact) and to relatable people who were concretely designed for your particular path, wouldn’t it just make plain sense to investigate who you are, {different from the one you’ve grown so identifiably accustomed to] what you are truly all about [what gifts, talents, abilities and aspirations lie dormant within] and just how you supposedly fit into your cleverly orchestrated ingeniously disguised world?

No one decides when it is your time to jump the abyss of your own familiar contorting fear and restricting saturated beliefs. That’s singularly your call!

Layered in the indisputable poetic luring esoteric words of Paula Andrea Pyle, M.A. through the vehicle of MODE of Cosmic Therapy you can be shown the ineffable door marked: “Enter at thy own risk” The problem begins when you are not simply allowed to knock gently but are summoned to kick the barred door to self-expression down.

There’s absolutely nothing else in the Galaxy like you but you are, no doubt, mysteriously hiding in one room of your soul. “…In my father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you.” (Paraphrased) If you are honestly ready to meet yourself in all of your naked glory and undaunted hypocrisy then by all means investigate the most fascinating subject in existence: YOU!

Like the impossibility of trying to define you {comprised of all of your deepest, most cherished idealized convictions and intimate fantasies}, MODE of Cosmic Therapy can not be entirely explained except in superficial terms. In order to experience the fullness, you must be willing to delve down imponderably into the caverns of your repressed unexpressed sexuality to unleash the supremacy of your innate divinity.

To you, I salute whatever chosen self-revealing destined journey you embark upon..

Along the path...
Along the path...


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