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How To Make Your Mom Go Digital With These Fun Gadgets-My Top Picks For This Mothers Day

Updated on June 23, 2011

Digital Mom


The Perfect MOM

Moms around the world have the same 24x7 job. Raising her kids to perfection and watching them through the growth phases, sometimes with total disregard for her own health or well being. She laughs and cries with you at every stage of your emotional upheaval as you share your best secrets with her. Being there for you whenever you need her even in the middle of the night, your mom is the first one you phone or run to even in your adult life to announce your wedding or a breakup. She is even there when you need someone to watch over your kids when you can't. She gives and continues to do so till her last breath. Simply because she gave birth to you. Gave you life !

Now, there are exceptions to the rule! Due to circumstances, some moms have to give up their children for adoption, or simply abandon them and there are some moms who kill their kids before committing suicide, and there are some moms who sell their babies and some who turn their children into cheap labor. It takes all kinds of mothers to make up this world of ours.

Then there are women who took your mom's place in your life. While your mom was away,sick or dead, or a step mom, a mom who chose to be your mom by adopting you. Some were fortunate to have an aunt or grandmom fill a dead mom's place.

All the above are MOTHERS ! Either by choice or accident ! And they LOVE you very much ! It is a mom's job to reprimand you in your growing years and it should never become the reason to hate her. Yes, there are some who hate their moms !

Whatever be your mom's age, you need to love her and tell her how much you love her and value her education. Yes, a child learns first at his home from the mother. Habits and lifestyle! A great deal is learnt by watching your mom and dad.

How Not To Take A Picture Of Yourself To Send Your Mom

The Age Of The New Digital Mom

Looking for the best gift this Mother's Day ? It is customary to give your mother all the favorite things a woman can want, starting with a bouquet of flowers. Why not make your mom keep up with the times ? Yes, there are a few things she would just love, only she needs someone to hold her hand and teach her.

Whether your mom holds a good position at work or she is a stay at home, whatever her age, she will love things that will keep her abreast of the times. And that includes gadgets! Especially the ones that will help her keep in touch with friends and you, of course !

Top Gadgets Every Mom Would Vie For :

Kindle : The first choice for most women. Amazon's Kindle will keep her perfect company when she is traveling, at the hospital or looking after your kids. Finding interesting read on topics she enjoys will be easy to carry along in her handbag.

Apple's Iphone : The latest versions of the Iphone to keep in touch with family and friends and also to keep her company via the apps. Who said sending SMS isn't for Grannie? Cell phones are a necessity to stay connected at all times.

Apple Ipod : Being able to listen to the favorite music anytime, anywhere will put your mom in good mood always. And her health will improve too because music has a calming effect on her nerves.

Nookcolor Ebook Tablet : This ebook reader is fun to use while reading to children, or read while commuting or sitting at the park.

Digital Camera : Teach your mom to use her new camera. Taking pictures and videos will brighten her days especially while traveling and watching her kids and grandchildren play indoors or on the beach. Learning to edit and upload on to the internet and send her friends via email will add to the attraction.

PC / Laptop / Netbook : Being able to use a computer is a necessity these days. And moms must learn to use one. I know several grandmas who are adept at internet browsing. Keeping in touch with overseas children and grandchildren is more than chatting and email today. Hooking up with a webcam, every faraway mom can be brought closer digitally. Truly exciting for them, to be interacting in real time.

From surfing the net, every mother can graduate to social media, such as signing up for Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Teach your mom to blog - She will definitely love this. Ask her to blog about her favorite recipes , travels, her views on changing the world, anything she is passionate enough to share with the world, and she will enjoy it, particularly when comments pour in.

Teach her to edit her photos online.

Teach her to upload her videos on youtube.

She can make friends around the world and talk on Skype.

Perhaps she can teach something online too and make some money.

If she is good at writing, allow her writing skills to be noticed online. Encourage her to join hubpages. She will love the community and the money that comes in.

Most important, teach your mom about internet safety. She needs to be made aware of what is unsafe.

New hobbies can take precedence from the gadgets above. And she will emerge a more confident and interesting person. Not just your mom !

Happy Mother's Day


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