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Always Exploring The Ruby

Updated on December 7, 2010
The Ruby is a jewel, a Pearl!
The Ruby is a jewel, a Pearl!

A Tribute To A Jewel!

Ruby is certainly a "Gem" of the hubpages!

This "Pearl" has inspired a lot of poetry.

One reason may be the enthusiasm that she shows.

It's the love that she shows to other hubbers.

Look around the hubs.

You will run into a bunch of love from an "Always Exploring" Ruby on the "hubs".

This "Pearl" is a great writer with a great heart!

Always Exploring has always inspired me. Often I've tried to leave a poetic comment at her beautiful poems. Always is forever leaving her wonderful poetry around hubpages. Check out Always Exploring.

Below are comments left for Always Exploring:

Watching The Waves

The white caps danced across the shore.

                                                             And now my memories ask for more.

There was never enough time to share.

                                                           And now I ask, "Why can't we be there?"

Can't we live just one more day,

                                              And have that day never go away?

Freeze this memory so warm.

                                          Take my hand and take my arm.

Love me and turn back the clocks.

                                                  Let's watch those white caps pound those rocks.

Hold me as the water sprays,

                                            As we hope for endless days,

Of love and skies

                           and loving eyes.

Make permanent this day at the sea.

                                                       Let's love forever and just let us be,

Two lovers,

                 no agenda,

                                  no shoes,

                                                 no socks,

                                                         Watching as the waves pound all of our rocks.

Micky Dee

@A poem,White caps danced across the shore

Lipstick on that collar,

                  Can make a sweet girl holler,

It's a bitter pill to swaller,

              Throw him out and give him a dollar,

To call his other and again feel smaller.

              But hold your head high and be a little taller!


@A poem,Lip stick on his favorite shirt

I think that I shall never see,

                                       A tree weeping like a Willow tree.

The limbs and leaves bow to the ground,

                                Where they meet is an obvious frown.

The tree lives on beyond human years,

                           And the leaves become the willow's tears.


@The Weeping Willow Tree

I'll Carry The Bags, You Carry The Tune

If my wish were Always true,

                                     I'd wish I could hit the road with you!

Alas, I can't carry a tune or play a tune.

                                                         But my Dear, you make me swoon.

I'll try to rhyme,

                        if you'll sing sometime.

Let her rip, let her wail,

                                  and on a musical tour we'll sail!

From coast to coast,

                               you'll be the most!

I'll carry your bags

                             while you carry a tune.

Just once in a while -

                                 shoot me a "honey moon"!

Sorry Ruby- it got away from me!


@A poem,I'm taking that mid-night train to Nashville

Always Response:

I can't carry a tune in a bag,but i wish!I love your poetic poem.

Boy! we could have a ball

Travel on down to Arkansas

Cross the line into Missouri

We don,t have to be in 'no' hurry

We might even catch up with ole Merle in Okie country

He might even remember me

Since i made him a lot of money

Singing my song of heart ache and tears

Of course it's been a lot of years

Once upon a time in Nashville.

Pickin' and Grinnin'

You can pick your nose.

                                     You can pick your friends.

You can pick some brains.

                                         But when you're picking ends,

Don't pick me,

                     to pick your cotton.

Those old times,

                        are best forgotten.

But perhaps we should,

                                   give picking cotton a try.

Perhaps rebuild our textiles,

                                          work for less, but really get by.

And feel our worth,

                           from God's green earth.

I say we should,

                        I suppose,

                                         Try to manufacture,

                                                                        our own clothes.

Another Saint was so well known.

                                                     Mahatma Gandhi spun his own.

This is not,

                merely a whim.

                                      for I want to be,

                                                              just like him!

Micky Dee

@If i ever get out of this world alive


You washed your brain

                                     with "CNN",

Recorded "Ellen"

                         with "Two and a Half Men".

'Everybody loves Raymond, with the "King of Queens",

But whatever else is behind the scenes?

You wonder what you did before.

                                                   You enjoyed "The View", and "Joy Behor"!

Did you play Spider Solitaire,

                                            With rollers in your hair?

Life is a little different on your computer,

                                                               but you're still just as cute - even cuter!


@Trying to remember what life was like before Hubpages

I love riding a ferry!

Most folks are merry on the ferry.

They're along for a ride,

and a very different view of the countryside!


@Having a fun-filled day at the boondocks

Always Response:

I like your rhyme of the ferry ride

i,ts fun, you just flow with the tide

it,s amazing how many people live on the waterways

some in coves, others on the beautiful bays

I,d like to live on top of the hill

and watch all the people til i get my fill

Wishing Well?

You really are swell,

                              Wishing in a well!

For others' welfare,

                             Could I have more hair?

But there are fears,

                              Please- not in my ears!

I just have a spot,

                           It's not a lot.

It's silly, I suppose,

                             It's leaving the top, and coming out my nose!


@Tossing pennies into a wishing well

Always Response:

Today when i toss my penny into the well

I,ll think of Micky, and his requested wishes

I,ll wish for him hair galore

                        but just down the back, not reaching the floor

then i,ll wish for no hair in the nose or ears

                            perhaps this will alleviate some of his fears

I might even toss an extra penny or two

                                 So all of his wished for dreams will come true

I love the old rag lady with her shopping cart piled high!

With a heart as big as the sky!

She owns me with the way that she gives!

She has but one life- that she gives.

@The old man and his monkey Eddy

Let's keep a stiff upper lip,

As we slip and trip!

It's a solemn occasion,

No sense for abrasion!

How do I get out of here,

As I smile from ear to ear!


@Laughing at my friends father,s funeral

I don't think your story is wrong.

I think you're singing a very good song.

I think it's great to catch people unaware!

Like when Goldilocks killed all three of those bears!

Let me tell you 'bout Lil Red Riding Hood.

They try to say that she was doing good!

But what was she doing in the hood in that hood?


@A confused mixture of fairy tales

Always response:

what was she doing in the hood?

like you said, she was up to no good

she said she was going to see granma, who was sick

i got a feeling she was pulling a trick

humpty dumpty saw her pass by

he said he watched her and the woodsman

so she was telling a big fat lie

they say as they left the woods together

it came up a terrible storm and tornado like weather

the three little pigs made it through the storm

their house still standing

so no cause for alarm

little jack horner who was sitting in the corner

moved in the wolves house

thinking, maybe later he would joiner

We All Came From Somewhere

We all came from somewhere!

                                                Some without underwear!

Times were hard in the new land.

                                                   They saw a better future and a better man,

If perhaps they had remained,

                                               What would they have attained?

Nothing ventured nothing gained.

                                               They sought the better world.

                                                                              In their souls it was ingrained.

It's a constant test,

                          To make our worlds the best.

And that is why they came,

                                         To build a better life,

                                                                          And play a fairer game.


@Have ' We the people forgotten that we all came here from some place'?

Gone With A Wind!

Gone With The Wind are my hopes and schemes,

We'll live and love another day in school-girl dreams!

Gone With The Wind again,

We'll dream again, and again begin.


@A poem, Gone but not forgotten

Always response:

Gone with the wind

that tornado really blew

it stripped me of everything

but i,ll build it all back once more

with a little help from my friends

i,ll close that storm door

Lost chances.

                     Solo dances.

Love is obscured,

                          As life is endured.

A simple look back,

                              Is all that we lack!


@you really never looked at me

Always response:

I was looking back to see

                                         if you were looking back at me

when i ran into that parked car door

                                                         and wound up on the floor

now i,m layed up in bed

                                    with a knot on my head

from this day forward, i,ll look straight ahead

or else,

                         if i don,t,

                                                      i,ll be dead

For The Least Of These

Make this America's number one creed.

                                                              Let's all be diligent and plant this seed.

For kindness is the warmth we need,

                                                         And so it is, the fire we feed.

Hold the weak and humble high.

                                                 Cross our hearts and hope to die.

For God can see from His home on high,

                                                               And God will erase the tear from the eye.

What better banner can we wave?

                                                       For love is the Son that the Father gave.

Take all of life's prosperity.

                                           Give me only - sincerity.

Lift the weak.

                     Bless the meek.

For in the end,

                        Cold apathy is a sin.

Warm yourselves with days well spent,

                                                            Love and compassion are heaven sent.

"Whatever you do for the least of these,

                             You do for me, and know -

                                                                         it is God that you please."


@A poem,The little mouse who lived in the church instead of a house

Ruby’s true story response:

“The Mouse Who lived In A Church Instead Of A House”

I bet my little mouse friend felt the same way.

You are so clever.

Your poetic rhyme

                           Is right on time

Full bellies for some

                               Hungry little mouse had none

The little choir boy will see that he has food to eat

                                                       Cos the little mouse to him is a wonderful treat.


I,m so glad to see you. Your poem is so true, for Gold,

                                            It means nothing when you're hungry and cold

Love and compassion are the greatest gift man can give

                                            To the down trodden Whose hope is just to live

So many look the other way

                                          When they see poor people every day

Stop and offer a helping hand

                                              Do whatever you can

If you can't give with a gift of money

                               Give your time, serving in the kitchens

                                                                And they will say,"God bless you honey"

Always Exploring
Always Exploring

Below are more hubs of tribute. Gee! That's most of what I do!

Eddy Merckx-the Sphinx

José Doroteo Arango Arámbula-Pancho Villa

Mary Magdalene-Apostle to the Apostles

The Soldier's Fate

Tina Turner

Major Taylor-A World Champion 1878-1932

Al Green-A Soul Man

A Poem For Don Quixote

A Poem For Major Taylor

John Prine

Muhammed Ali

Ode To A Unicorn

Ode To Anne Moody-Civil Rights Activist

A Valentine For My Hubpaging Valentines

Willie Nelson

Viva Zapata

Running With Scissors-Semper Fi Stanley Patrick

Hard And Beautiful Stories Told Well! by Rossimobis

Fellow Hubber: The Falsely Accused And Wrongly Imprisoned

Fellow Hubber: MFB III-Poet, Artist, ETC.-CREATOR-Extraordinaire

Marquis de Sade-Bob Scofield's Ride 2010

April 20, 2010 Jose Is Back! Back In The Saddle! Back On The Bike! Back!

April 23, 24, 2010 Carrboro Tarwheels and The Bicycle Wheel Of Adam O'Neil

An Ode To Three Possums In The Middle Of The Road

April 28, 2010 Union Groovin' To Hillsbro- Tarwheels Salute Alan Schmacher

Cliff-I Just Can't See You Gone! May 1, 2010

To My Brother Paul

God, Thank You For Bringing Our Soldier Home!

The Little School Teacher And Big Business!

A Man Named Pearl

Joan Baez

An Ode To: The Wise Old Man - Woody Graham, Bicycle Bum

Fellow Hubber: Thank You Sa'ge For Being Here Now

Fellow Hubber: An Epigram To Epigramman

My Buddy Dave - The Birthday Ride - Whacky Facts

Fellow Hubber: My Name Is Ralwus

The King Of The Mountain

Fellow Hubbers: Give Me Old Friends

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Jack Benny - the Satchel Paige of Comedy!

I Miss Your Rooster Tail!

Fellow Hubber: How Could I Not Write of Love to You?

Fellow Hubber: Warm Yourself With Thoughts Of Love

Fellow Hubber: What Purpose Is The Shattered Heart?

Fellow Hubber: I Could Write A Heart Felt Book

Brummets Creek Fire October 2000 Mitchell County, NC

Ruby - The Pearl of the Pages!
Ruby - The Pearl of the Pages!

Always Exploring,

                             please keep my heart soaring.

Here's hoping that you're okay.

                                              I love seeing you,

                                                                     and reading your work every day.

You are one of the best.

                      You write from your heart.

                                                    I'll drop by your place soon,

                                                                               You're a beautiful work of art!

You know I'm Always Adoring-

                                                   that Always Exploring!


                           God bless you Ruby for inspiring so many!

My First Tribute And Other Tributes:

My first tribute to a hubpages hubber was to Rossimobis.

I stopped by his hubs and was delighted.

I saw Hard And Beautiful Stories Told Well.

His following was small. I saw more value than others got to see.

I wandered around the hubs and ran into MFB.

MFB is one of the most prolific poets I've seen and his scores and followers didn't match his talents.

So I wrote my first two tributes because the numbers did not add up.

Since then I've written many "tribute hubs".

Some have been by chance in some ways.

The hubbers I've written these for have honestly inspired me to write poems and/or "tribute hubs".

I'm inspired to write by these people.

This isn't a get rich scheme.

If I did this totally emotionally or totally cerebrally, Petra Vlah would have a tribute already.

50 Caliber would already have his.

Tonymac, prasetio, pmccray, Peggy W, Darlene Sabella, BobbiRant, saddlerider, MartieCoetser, and ETC. Hundreds or so people would already had a tribute by me, if these were done by merit.

I mean to include many hubbers or - I surely do not mean to exclude any hubbers.

Many folks are inspired by folks like the folks above, Epigramman, Ralwus, and so many that how can we go over them all?!

I suggest "tributes" for inspiring YOUR favorite hubbers. You will visit other hubs and be inspired. We can't help it. So if you're inspired to cough up some words that were thought, and then you've left them with the hubber, then why not retrieve your words and devote them as you did originally - to that hubber?

It's okay to let others know that someone else has turned your light on.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Thinking like that is really imsirspeve

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I di'ndt know where to find this info then kaboom it was here.

    • Micky Dee profile imageAUTHOR

      Micky Dee 

      7 years ago

      Thank you htodd.

    • htodd profile image


      7 years ago from United States

      Great post...nice

    • Micky Dee profile imageAUTHOR

      Micky Dee 

      8 years ago

      Yes ma'am Story! That Ruby is a Pearl!

    • Storytellersrus profile image


      8 years ago from Stepping past clutter

      Micky Dee, I do not know Ruby! Thank you for introducing her to me, friend.

    • Micky Dee profile imageAUTHOR

      Micky Dee 

      8 years ago

      It is so nice to see you avatar here dear Hummingbird! I really like your latest. God bless you dear one!

    • Hummingbird5356 profile image


      8 years ago

      I really believe you must think and speak in rhyme. How do you write so much otherwise?

      Another excellent hub and I like the music too. I am listening to it as I write.

    • Micky Dee profile imageAUTHOR

      Micky Dee 

      8 years ago

      You are delightful! God bless Kimberly!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Micky, needed to come back and wrap myself in such beauty of the soul and heart


      thank you especially for this hub, thanks



    • Micky Dee profile imageAUTHOR

      Micky Dee 

      8 years ago

      Yo Kimberly! I love you Girl! God bless you Dear!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Micky this was better than awesome! And a ton of work. Well its great and it shows! Love you, gosh just trying to keep up, best get a bike! Kisses

    • Micky Dee profile imageAUTHOR

      Micky Dee 

      8 years ago

      God bless you all and those who are Always Exploring!

    • MFB III profile image

      Matthew Frederick Blowers III 

      8 years ago from United States

      i am so glad to see you writing a tribute to always exploring....she is a gem...she is much like your bike riding in which you are always exploring, but she is peddling words that take us places we have seldomn seen,

      and she rushes along many trails of love, leaving notes to the weary. thanks for being who yuo are Mickey dee. You are appreciated by many...~~~MFB III

    • prettydarkhorse profile image


      8 years ago from US

      lovely poem and she is a real precious one - Ruby. Maita

    • Jess Killmenow profile image

      Jess Killmenow 

      8 years ago from Nowheresville, Eastern United States

      As always I am so impressed with your prolific work. Bravo!

    • prasetio30 profile image


      8 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Ruby is a big gift for HP and you are the special one for us. Like a sun always shines to the earth and you give your light to us. Keep on writing and do the best. I am proud of you, my uncle. Take care!

      Your nephew, Prasetio

    • katiem2 profile image

      Katie McMurray 

      8 years ago from Westerville

      always exploring is such a beautiful human being. I'm also very grateful for her beauty, kindness and always thoughtful consideration of all her fans, friend and fellow human beings. Ruby is a treasure for sure! Love and Peace :)

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      My oh my...your heart is as big and wide as the galaxies of stars above and when you shine your star light upon a fellow hubber it brings even more brilliance to hubpages. Heading down the road to Always Exploring... BTW...that video at the end was so beautiful with the images and song. I don't generally use the term "awesome" in daily speech, but this was that and more. Hitting some buttons. Thanks!

    • epigramman profile image


      8 years ago would not be underestimating you Sir DEE to say that when it comes to understanding and respecting people - you are, as the Irish would say - a fooking genius!!!!!!

      AND ALWAYS EXPLORING is a hub angel in my most humble book!!!! What a team you both are - a genius and a poetic angel!!!!

    • BobbiRant profile image


      8 years ago from New York

      Like those beautiful pair of ruby slippers in that wonderful yellow brick road story. Follow the yellow brick road and at the end you'll find this wonderful hubber. Great tribute.

    • saddlerider1 profile image


      8 years ago

      What a beautiful way to pay tribute to a fellow poet and great hub friend to many. It goes without saying that Ruby can take her guns to town any day she likes, she sure knows how to shoot em up here at the hubs with her brilliant uplifting beautiful poetry.

      Brother man your the man, I tip my hat to you and salute your generous kindness heaped upon Ruby, she deserves every glowing verse you wrote here. Bravo, bravo....

      Thank you for opening your heart as you often do, where would we be without the Micky Dee showing all his love the way he does for his fellow man/woman/child..and the Golden Rule. Peace and love from this here Saddlerider

    • akirchner profile image

      Audrey Kirchner 

      8 years ago from Washington

      Gosh, Micky - you surely do a beautiful job and will have to check out our gem, Ruby~!

    • Wayne Brown profile image

      Wayne Brown 

      8 years ago from Texas

      Wow...a ton of poetry in one place. I think I hear that loon from "On Golden Pond" calling in the distance. You cover a lot of ground here must be getting your daily doses of B-12! LOL! Great work! You have everything here but the book binding! WB

    • acaetnna profile image


      8 years ago from Guildford

      Wow you are awesome and of course she is too. Beautiful - well done.

    • Micky Dee profile imageAUTHOR

      Micky Dee 

      8 years ago

      God bless you all. Thank you Sa'ge. I love you Girl!

    • Sa`ge profile image


      8 years ago from Barefoot Island

      Beautiful works to a beautiful Lady. Ruby is such a beautiful and great writer, and you truly did such a wonderful write to her. You know how to lift people up an get them to smile. This is a beautiful tribute to Ruby, she is so deserving of it and more. Happy New Year Michael! Love you dear! :D hugs :D

    • twentyfive profile image


      8 years ago

      Always Exploring is a gem indeed. This is a beautiful tribute. You're so sweet Mik :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Great tribute to a fellow hubber, Micky Dee. Why am I not surprised? You are a very caring person, encouraging so many of us here on hubpages. Thanks, she (Ruby-whom I have only known shortly, as always exploring) is a great lady...she only gives positive feedback to those of us just starting out again. Her feedback is always welcome, as is yours!

    • Amy Becherer profile image

      Amy Becherer 

      8 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      This is beautiful and loving. Epi is right. You are a great man. Lucky Cats inspired me to write a poem for all she does. The Hub is a fantastic, supportive family and I love it here. Warmth and peace to you Micky Dee.

    • kimh039 profile image

      Kim Harris 

      8 years ago

      I enjoy Ruby's comments too. I have to say though, her comment above is the first one I've seen from her that didn't rhyme! I think you got her flustered Micky! You're so sweet. This tribute is better than a dozen roses anyday.

    • MartieCoetser profile image

      Martie Coetser 

      8 years ago from South Africa

      Micky, you are a precious jewel here on HubPages - one who prefers not to shine on its own, but to shine on others to make them look brighter. This is such a unique and admirable characteristic you have, and one of the reasons why I regard you as one of my brothers in cyberspace. I agree with you, Ruby is indeed a ruby. I love her poetic comments, as I love yours. Thank you for regarding me too as worthy of your praise. Take good care of yourself, dear friend – HubPages will be incomplete without you.

      PS: Always Exploring is my twin in cyberspace. Just so you know.

    • 2uesday profile image


      8 years ago

      Beautiful as always. The artistic layout of this hub is impressive, I would not have a clue how to do this, it is amazing how you come up with the ideas. Well done.

    • lisadpreston profile image


      8 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

      What a lovely tribute. Thank you for bringing this gem to my attention!

    • K9keystrokes profile image

      India Arnold 

      8 years ago from Northern, California

      You had me at Ruby...

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 

      8 years ago from south Florida

      Hi, Micky, I thought from the title this would be a hub about a precious gem. And I was right. It is! Bravo. :)

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 

      8 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      I don't know Ruby but Mickey you're pretty alright in my books.


    • Petra Vlah profile image

      Petra Vlah 

      8 years ago from Los Angeles

      It takes one to know one; no doubt Ruby is a precious gem and you are no less - HP is getting rich:-)))

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Well Micky, you're pretty awesome yourself. Just wanted you to now that. You always make me think, and that's good. Now I need to see this Pearl Ruby. thanks, Charlie

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      8 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Micky,I'm speechless and so thrilled.You humble me with your words of kindness.When i opened up hubpaged and saw your hub with my name,i couldn't believe it,and the pictures,oh my lord,you had a visit to facebook lol God Bless you.I'll never forget this day,now i've got to quit this 'sniffen' and 'wipen'it'ain't' ladylike

      Thank you my Dear friend

    • profile image

      Doug Turner Jr. 

      8 years ago

      Yeah, it didn't take long being on hubpages to realize that Always Exploring was everywhere, spreading warmth and joy. An ode composed by a great writer about another great writer. Well done Micky Dee.

    • Eiddwen profile image


      8 years ago from Wales

      This is it again. The care ,love and happiness that fills HubPages and makes other sites empty and cold in comparison.

      Ruby is indeed a gem and so are you Micky.

      I was going to write a poem in reply here but I think I'll put it in a hub instead.A huge awesome/beautiful and up here.

      Take care Micky.

    • richtwf profile image


      8 years ago

      This is a great honour written for a beautiful person by a person with an awesome capacity to love his fellow man and woman. You have an amazing gift my dear Brother.

      May God continue to bless the lives of both of you and peace to you both.

      Keep inspiring us!

    • tonymac04 profile image

      Tony McGregor 

      8 years ago from South Africa

      Ruby is a gem, for sure! And you, my Brotherman, are just fantastic. Love Ruby and you so much - your writing reflects the openness of your spirits and hearts and we are all warmed by the glow!

      Thanks dear brother!

      Love and peace


    • 50 Caliber profile image

      50 Caliber 

      8 years ago from Arizona

      Mic' Bro', I so adore reading Ms.Ruby's work,

      it always seems to explore,

      into ones hearts little door,

      bringing that smile,

      makes me good another mile,

      A fine tribute to a fine Lady, Much Peace and Love, Dusty

    • vietnamvet68 profile image


      8 years ago from New York State

      Ruby is so deserving of your honor as she writes some fine poems for sure Brother they say she is always exploring. God Bless

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      This was so beautiful. You are such a wonderful person full of love and understanding!

    • Darlene Sabella profile image

      Darlene Sabella 

      8 years ago from Hello, my name is Toast and Jam, I live in the forest with my dog named Sam ...

      You make me cry, your heart and soul is so open, you understsand those that share deeply the amazing visions that they hide from the are loved and adored and you have always read my hubs even when you are busy with so many. You are a true friend, and your heart reaches out and I have known you all my life. You are my family love darski forever rate rate and I pick out a star tonight just to give to you for the way you love, it is a great gift so go out and you will see it waiting for you, it is longing for a name. Love me


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