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Augmented, Superheroes of the Faith Chapater 4: Rosalyn Comes Home

Updated on October 30, 2010

Rosalyn walked home, shaking.  Anyone who she passed on the sidewalks kept their distance, as they thought that she was some sort of drug addict and didn’t want to get involved. 

            Finally, she got home, and fumbled to get her key.  She couldn’t seem to fit it in the lock, and eventually, her grandfather opened the door. 

            “Is there a problem with your key, Rosalyn…”

            Her grandpa took one look at Rosalyn and saw that the problem was more than just a key.  He noticed that his only granddaughter could not keep her hands still, and her face was too still. 

            “Don’t try to tell me that anything is wrong, Rosalyn.  I may be lame, but I’m not blind.  Don’t you try and lie to me.”

            Rosalyn fumbled to put her key back in her pocket, and dropped it.  She didn’t say a word. 

            “Get in, girl. I’ll get your key.”

            Reginald squatted on the ground, and used his cane and the frame of the door to get himself back up.  He hung the key by the hook on the door. 

Rosalyn just sat on the couch.  She usually watched TV after a long day of school, but she was not reaching for the remote today. 

            “It’s that woman today, right?  Katharina.  She did something to you.  I always knew they would perfect some kinda mind powers.”

            “It wasn’t her.  It was other augments.”

            “What do you mean?”

            “I met some augments on the way home.”

            “Oh no.  Are you okay, dear?  You tell me if they did something to you.  Don’t hold back.”

            “No, I did something to them.”

            “What?  Rosalyn, you’re not making sense.”

            “I took a short cut through the church.”

            “I’ve told you not to do that.  There a lot of bad people who like to hang around there.”

            “I know, I saw five of them.  And I beat them up.”

            “What?  How did that…how could that happen?”

            “Granddaddy, I think I am an augment.”

            “You haven’t called me granddaddy since…”  Reginald didn’t want to finish that sentence. “…okay, you can’t be an augment.  You have to be treated for it.  I heard it takes hours for them to ‘process’ somebody.  I think that’s the word they use.”

            “The first one, he threw one of those long seats at me.”

            “A pew?  He threw a pew? At you?” 

            It sounded funny when it was said that way.  “Yes, and I caught it.”

            “You caught it?  How?  There is no way you’re that strong.”

            “That’s what I was trying to tell you.  I know I am not that strong.  I think the guy thought it would just knock me over, so I tried to sort of push it off me.  Instead I held it there, and it felt really light.  I then lifted it over my head.  They were all pretty surprised.  I was going to drop it and run, but I decided to throw it at them instead.”

            “Okay.  Then you ran away?”

            “After I threw it at them.  The guy with the electric power shot some lighting at the pew.  I think he thought it would blow up before it hit him.  All it did was set it on fire.  It then fell on him, and pinned him down. As I tried to run away, the fast one blocked my path.  He said something like: ‘you’d better tell us where you got that stuff’.  I don’t know what he meant.”

            “I…I think he thought you were on the some new type of illegal augmentation.  He wanted to get some of it for himself.  What did you do then?”

            “I ran.  I knew that he was faster then me and would catch me, but he didn’t.  Instead, I ran faster than he did.  I went up all three stories.  By the time I got to the top, there wasn’t any place to go.  I kept hearing him yell after me, and I found another stairwell, but it wasn’t very stable.  When I got to the end I realized I needed do something.  When I got down to the end of the stairs, I tried to move them with my strength.  It worked, and they crumbled, and the speedy guy was in a pile with them.”

Reginald decided to listen to the rest of his granddaughter’s story.  He figured it was the only thing that he could do. 

            “When I tried to get out, the other three were waiting for me.  One of them must have had those powers that move things without touching them, like tele-athletics.”


            “Yeah, and he picked me up and I was floating in front of them.  It was like I was flying, but I was headed right toward the really strong guy.  They were all laughing, because they thought I was caught.  I then saw the stunned guy under the pew, you know, the guy with lightning powers.  I stretched out my hand and tried to shoot the levitating guy with lightning, but nothing happened.  So I saw the fire guy, Raoul, and I thought to take him out with fire from my hands, like their leader.”

            “And it actually worked.  But the fire didn’t come out of my hand, but it was like it came from the sky.  It took out the levitation guy, and the strong guy, and I was dropped.  There was still Raoul…I don’t think the fire affected him…and he looked so mad, so I ran. 

            “I got to an old library in the basement, and I was stuck in a corner.  He could see me, and I thought I could maybe use my powers of strength to punch a hole in the wall or something. 

            “When the fire-guy came through the door, I decided to see if I couldn’t use the telekinetic power on him.  It didn’t work on him, but it did move all the books.  They all came at him, but he just used his flame powers and burned them all before they could touch him. 

            “He then looked at me and said: ‘Books, really?  They’re just paper.  That can’t be the best you got’.

            “Before he could use his powers, I decided to use the telekinetics again.  I pushed all the shelves on him, and it worked.  Even though these things were bolted to the floor, they bent in the air as they came toward him.  He was piled on them, but he was still burning.  

            “I ran home after that.  At first it was fast, but I got slow after that.  I think I lost my powers somewhere along the way.”

            Reginald had been listening, but he lost track of how many unbelievable things his granddaughter had given him. 

            “Well, what do I do?”


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