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Augmented, Superheroes of the Faith Chapter 11: Source of the Power

Updated on October 30, 2010

The Bible that her father had given her had a lot of dust on it, and she drew across it with her finger.  She then went to the table in the corner and blew off the dust and set it on the table.  It had a stamp on it from the Gideons, but she did not know who that was. 

She had no idea where to look, and so she just flipped through the pages.  She found familiar names like Adam, Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, but nothing really made any sense.  The print was quite small, and the narrative seemed rather wordy. 

She then discovered that the Bible had some printed words in the corner that described what would happen on the page. 

One in particular struck her attention: "Fire Falls from heaven".  She read about a man named Elijah who had to prove something against some people called the prophets of Baal.  It reminded her of something that she did earlier today, but from what she read, it didn't look like she had anything to do with that. 

She found a complementary paper and pen and began writing down what she did. 

1)  Pyrokinesis

2)  Telekinesis

3)  Healing

Her Grandfather came out of the shower, wearing the clothes that he wore before.  He smelled a little cleaner, though.  Earlier, he had gone to a vending machine to get a shaving razor and cream, and he had completely shaved off his mustache. 

“What do you think?”

“It’s different,” said Rosalyn, neither complimenting or criticizing him.

“That’s the point.  We are going to have look different to steer clear of the FAO radar.”

He was reading the list that Rosalyn had written. 

"The Bible’s not supposed to be a catalog."

"I know, but I can do some of the things here.  I saw this one part about fire falling from heaven."

"You mean with Elijah?"

"Yeah, he did one thing I can do."

"Two.  He does some speed.  Check the end of 1 Kings 18.  He out-runs the king to Jezreel."

Rosalyn wrote “speed” down on her list as the fourth power. 

"I think I can do anything in this book."

"So you can do anything that God can do?  I wouldn't say that. You can get in a lot of trouble that way."

“Grandpa, why is this happening to me?  I’m not certain that I believe in this stuff, and I do it.”

“I don’t know, Rosalyn.  I don’t know why God does miracles at some times and not others.  I’ve been debatin’ that one since…”

“Since mommy died?”

“Yeah, that.  From what I’ve read, some of the people who did miracles in the Bible weren’t so faithful, either.  Samson wasn’t exactly a saint.  Some people, like Moses, misused God’s power when it was given to them.  I don’t know why He chose you, but I’m not complaining.”

"So what do we do now?"

"Well, technically, we have not committed a crime.  Neither of us have any powers, either."

"Then why did they capture us?"

"They're scared.  They figure that you can do things that they can't figure out.  If they find out you healed me, then they want some of that, I guarantee it."

"So what do they want to do?"

"I don't know what they will do, honestly." 

“Wait.  Are you saying that they’re going to want to dissect me, or something.”

“Legally, they can’t.  Rosalyn, I think we had better talk about this.  I know that you’re still a girl, but I think you know by now that we live in a world where some people are willing to hurt people for reasons that they believe to be right.”

“What do you mean?”

“Our ancestors were slaves.  There was a time when people thought that taking us out of Africa was better for us.  I’m sure that the slave-traders thought they were doing the world a favor, but in the end, they exploited entire nations.  I think that Miss Katharina and her soldiers want to capture you, and find out how you can do what you can do.”

“But I don’t know how I do it.”

“And you probably never will.  It is God working within you, and it cannot be explained.  They may try to do things to you to get your power, and I don’t know if I can stop them.  I don’t know if you can stop them all.”

“I don’t want to die.”

“I know.  I don’t know why God has given you his power, but you must believe on him, no matter what.  I think it is amazing what he has done to you.  I am so proud of you!  Your mother would be so proud if she were here.  I’m sure she’s looking down from heaven and smiling on you.”

The two of them embraced, and Reginald realized that he had better leave before he started crying. 

“Okay, we need to go. I think we can go now.”

“Where are we going?”

“I thought we would start with my church.  I’m sure the pastor would love to hear about this.  This is assuming that he believes this.  Think you can take the door off?”

“I don’t think I have my…His powers anymore.”

“Really?  Do you like feel it when you do, or how does that work?”

“I just sort of know that I don’t have them anymore, but I can’t just turn it on when I want to.”

“I guess it’s probably better that way.  Let’s do this door thing together. You grab the knob, and I’ll get the other side.  Ready?  One….two…”

When the door was lifted off, Katharina Karamov stood at the threshold. 


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