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Augmented, Superheroes of the Faith Chapter 10: The Escape

Updated on October 30, 2010

Rosalyn’s grandfather woke up, and he saw that he was not in his apartment.  It looked like he was in a hotel room, a very nice one.  He couldn’t remember the last time he had some sheets that smelled this clean.  He saw that his granddaughter standing over him.

            He suddenly remembered the last thing that had happened to him.  He was glad he wasn’t dead, but wondered if he was captured by Katharina and the FAO.  He then realized that they probably wouldn’t have put them in the same room.  

            “Rosalyn, Where are we?”

“Some hotel in Two York.”

“No you don’t.  We are in Two York?  The Two York that is the huge second level of Manhattan Island?  The one they have been building over us for the past few years?  That Two York?”


            “We’re at the second level?  How did you get up here?”

            “I jumped.”

            Reginald smiled.  “Okay, I believe you this time, I’m sorry I didn’t before.”

“You said that already.”

“Then I’ll say it again, even more if I have to.  Seventy times seven, and all that.  But we probably shouldn’t be here.  How did you check in?”

            “I didn’t.  I sort of broke down the door.  I don’t think this hotel is open yet.”

“Hotels are always open, Rosalyn.”

“I meant for business.  I sort of broke down the door.”

Reginald looked over at the door, and notice that the hinges on it were broken off.  It was now just a plank filling a hole built for it. 

“Maybe you had better start by telling me what happened after they shot me.  But it can’t be a long story.  We shouldn’t stay here too long.”

            Rosalyn sat on the bed while her grandfather was on another.

            “After they shot you, they all shot at me.  Their needle passed right by me.  At first I thought they missed, so another of Katharina’s bodyguards, the ones that were floating outside our window, shot at me.  Soon there was a whole flurry of needles coming at me, and they just…”


“Yeah.  One went to one side and one went to another.”

“Oh my…Go on, go on.”

“I wanted to stop them, and so I wanted the fire to fall on them like I had done before.  It blasted all of them.”

“Fire from heaven.  This is incredible.  Then what?”

“I picked you up…”

“You picked me up?  A little girl like you picked me up?  You had the strength of Samson!”


“Just finish your story.  I’ll explain.  Tell me what happened next.”

“I tried to fly.”

“Did it work?  Can you do that?”

“I thought it did at first.  I soared up in the air, higher than Katharina and her soldier friends.  But then I started to fall, really quick.  I knew I was going to land, and I tried to land on my feet, like a cat.  I knew I couldn’t fly, but I could jump.

“So I jumped, and I jumped way high this time, I jumped on top of our place.  Then I jumped to the top of another building.  They were flying after me, and so I started jumping to other buildings, ones that I couldn’t jump to the top of, and then I started jumping on the sides of buildings.  Eventually, I made it to the new Twin Towers, by doing these wall jumps in between them.  I then saw I was in Two York.  They weren’t following me, and I was safe.  There wasn’t anyone here, so I saw this hotel.

“Only when we got here, I saw that you weren’t just shot once, but many times.  I picked out all of the needles, and then I did what you used to do when I was sick.”

“You prayed?”

“Yes, and you got better.”

            “Hallelujah!  Rosalyn, I think I know what’s happening to you.”

            “You mean how I got my powers?”

            “I don’t think they are your powers, girl.”

            “What do you mean?”

            Reginald sat up in bed, and went to the hotel drawer.  He opened it, and found exactly what he wanted to find.

            “Nice to know the hotels still do this.”

            Reginald showed his granddaughter a Bible.

            “I think your power isn’t any sort of augmentation, it is actually from God Himself.”


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