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Augmented, Superheroes of the Faith, Chapter 7: Doctor Karamov

Updated on October 30, 2010

Kate decided to fly to the official headquarters of the Federal Augmentation Organization, straight to her father’s office.  As usual, he was at work in his laboratory.  Kate passed by the agenda wall that was a collage of pictures of superheroes cut out of comic books.  Many of the gaudy costumed characters with crazy code-names were written with phases like “have it” or “need it”.  They were her father’s “checklist”, displaying what super-powers that he and his lab had perfected over the years, and what ones they wanted for the future.

            It looked the doctor was working on invisibility today, a power that he had been working on for years now.  It was one that Katharina had to some degree, but that was classified until the FAO could duplicate it.  The test subject was put in front of green wallpaper, and it looked like he was willing his skin color to match the wall behind him.  In the end, he only achieved dark green.  He blended in like broccoli on a tropical palm leaf.

            “I suppose that would be a success, were our enemies color blind.”

"Dr. Karamov.  We have a problem."

"If only we had a problem.  What makes you think that yours deserves to debut at number one at the top of the problem five hundred list?"

"I found an unlicensed augment."

"Again, and this unlicensed augment is priority one out of...what number did I use before?"

"Five hundred."

"Five hundred, yes.  Surely there are more than five hundred unlicensed augments?"

"Quite more, doctor."

Dr. Karamov saw that the yellow wallpaper had been put into place behind the test subject.  He decided to try something new.  “Okay sir, could you please disrobe for me?”

The subject seemed appalled.  “I’m sorry?”

“No need to be.  You did hear me correctly.  I figured if you are ashamed of being naked, then you will not want to be seen. Then you would match the wall perfectly to camouflage.  Just trying to jump start the process!”

“Forget this.”  The test subject quickly walked away. 

Dr. Karamov turned to his daughter.  "I seem to have an opening in my schedule.”

“Thank you, doctor.” 

“You know, Katharina, you could call me father.  Or Dad.  Even daddy, if you wish."

"I will, if you will call me Kate.  But I thought since I am addressing you at work, I should use the proper title."

"I suppose that we are on the job, as it were.  So back to my first question.  Why even tell me?  Just fill out the paperwork, or have your assistants fill out the proper forms, and then have me read them a few days from now."

"The unlicensed is thirteen, possibly younger."

The doctor dropped his clipboard, and then turned to his daughter. 

“She on the meta-drugs?”


"I see.  What can she do?"

“Pyrokinesis, telekinesis, speed, strength.  That’s just what the eyewitnesses reported.”

“Eyewitnesses.  So you didn’t see her do this?”

“Their accounts are reliable.  She has no history of augmented parents, and we know where she is.”

“Bring her here.  Please.”

“I will need backup.”

“You have my authority for whatever you need.”


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