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Augmented, Superheroes of the Faith Chapter 8: The Augment Factory

Updated on October 30, 2010

Katharina had to walk the entire length of the upgrade area to get to where the briefing was.  The upgrade area at the Federal Augmentation Organization Headquaraters was also known as the “augment factory”, and it started with a conveyor belt that looked a lot like a tank tread.  In between the tiny walls, a person was supposed to lay as flat as possible.  Katharina always flinched when she saw this, because she was somewhat claustrophobic. 

She was glad that her father or her late grandfather had personally done the augmentations on her, and she never had to go through this type of mechanization.  She could get more augmented so she could be stronger, faster, her skin could be harder, telekinesis stronger, but her mutated form would not fit in that machine. 

            Once the person is laying down on the treadmill, he or she had better not stick out any appendages as they go into a hole only two feet high.  A door slides open, and then closes.  Then another door opens and closes.  The augment finds him or herself in a space devoid of light and oxygen.  From the stories she has heard, there is only a chemical smell as gas is pumped into the room, and the patient is out within five seconds.  After going through another two airtight sliding doors, All the gas is sucked from the dark room, and then replenished for the next patient. 

            After this, it is a probing room, where blood, bone marrow, and about every other fluid is taken from the patient from super-strong needles that stretch out from various places in the ceiling.  The computer analyzes for any disease, and the patient’s current augmentation. 

            From then, it is onto the augment room, where the latest augments can be injected within.  It was usually about increasing strength, speed, and density, but occasionally, a new power is discovered and everyone can’t wait to get through the augment factory to get it. 

            The last stop is out on another tank tread, but this time the patient is sprayed with ammonia. It is always manned by two doctors who make certain the patient arises.  From there, it is to a testing room where each patient is tested to insure the augmentations have taken. 

            Above that room was where Katharina met with eight augments who had just been upgraded.  They were anxious to fight, and all she needed to do is point them in the right direction. 

            “All right, this is a capture the flag mission.  This is the flag.”

            On the giant LCD screen behind her, a picture of Rosalyn appeared.  She had expected commentary from her underlings. 


            “That’s a little girl, man.”

            “That’s right. She is only thirteen, according to our records.  However, she has a lot of power.  We think she may be on some new type of meta drug, one that combines many powers and doesn’t tear down the subject’s DNA right away.”

            “I don’t know if I can take out that target.  I’ve got a niece that age.”

            “We think we can stun the target with the needler pistols with tranquilizer darts.”

            “Hey, you think we could just get this power to tranq people already?”  One of them joked. 

            “We’re working on it.  Please don’t interrupt.  Now, she lives in this apartment here.”

            The pictures of Rosalyn’s apartment appeared on the screen. 

            “Man, does anyone live there?”

            “Yeah, the walls are not good at all.”

“So remove the walls and take her out, as well as her grandfather.”

            “Not quite.  I think a more subtle plan is required.  Please listen.”


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