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Augmented, Superheroes of the Faith Chapter 12: Friend or Foe

Updated on October 30, 2010

Katharina entered in, and Reginald knew that it was over.  He pushed Rosalyn behind him, and then backed up. 

“You get away from my daughter.  She doesn’t want to come with you.”

            Katharina put the door back in its place, and didn’t make any move toward them. “I’m not going to try anything.  I’m pretty sure that your daughter’s powers are stress-triggered, and I have no intention of starting her up.  I’m here only to talk.”

            “Why should we believe you?” said Reginald.

            “Because if I am lying, then I didn’t come alone, and there are more augments outside waiting to arrest your daughter.”

            “I’ll fight them off,” said Rosalyn.

            “I honestly believe that you will.  But do you really want to spend the rest of your life fighting and running, Rosalyn?  Reginald, do you want that life for your granddaughter?”

            Katharina saw the Bible on the table.  She levitated it into her hand. 

            “We’re you reading the Bible?  Do you know the verse that says ‘Come, let us reason together’?  That’s all I want to do now.”

            “You know the Bible?”  said Reginald. 

            “I used that verse a lot back in the days when church leaders wanted me burned at the stake.”

            “What?” said Rosalyn.

            “I will explain, Rosalyn.  Please give me the chance.”

            “No!”  Before Reginald could stop her, Rosalyn ran up to Katharina and pushed her.  Katharina thought that she might be blown backward, but she easily held her ground.  Rosalyn’s push was as strong as any little girl of her age. 

            Rosalyn pushed again, but had the same effect.  She then turned to her grandfather.  Even though Katharina could not see Rosalyn’s face, Katharina could tell that Rosalyn’s face was saying: “It’s not working.  What do I do now?”

            “I suppose that I could capture you now.”

            Rosalyn quickly ran to her father’s arms.  She was crying. 

            “No, I meant to say that I’m not.  Oh no.”

            “If you aren’t here to arrest us, then let us leave,” said Reginald. 

            “Mr. Jerger, the FAO is very good at finding people that they believe are illegal augments.  If I let you go now, then I can’t guarantee you will get far before someone else captures you.”

            “How did you find us?”

            “I have an ability to turn invisible.  Actually, it is a camouflage. My skin has been regrafted on me so I’m like a chameleon.  It’s an ability that only I have, but my father is trying to put it on others by an easier means.  I stayed behind you until Rosalyn stopped, and you didn’t see me.”

            “Have you been listening to us the whole time?” said Rosalyn.

            “Yes,” Katharina looked at Rosalyn.  “Do you really believe that God gave you your powers?”

            “It seems that way.”

            “Miss Katharina,” said Reginald, “I remember seeing you on television talk about how people in the Bible and other religions must have been somehow early examples of augmentation.  You said it was the reason why such legends exist.  My granddaughter has her power from God, and He is not mythical.”

            Once again, Katharina heard a story that she could not believe, and yet the teller was stating the complete truth. 

            “So you’re saying that your granddaughter is somehow sourced in God for her powers?  You really are going with that?”

            “Can your men do what she does?”

            “To some degree, yes.”

            “So you can heal people to some degree?”

            “My father has been wanting to do that one since day one.  Are you saying that your granddaughter can do that?”

            “She did it to me.  Your men shot me full of those tranquilizer darts.  I could have died.  My granddaughter prayed for me, and I’m well again.”

            Katharina still couldn’t believe it, but Reginald was not lying.

            “If this is the case, Mr. Jerger, than I believe we need a better plan.  We can’t have your granddaughter go out like that with tears in her eyes.  Perhaps it would help if I told her a story.  I think it might help both you and me too.”


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