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Updated on March 1, 2011



is comparable to none

when her manicured hands

tap the keyboard for fun,

if the topic is serious,

she gets the job done.


With cutting remarks

most might expect from

a former hairstylist

with a well aimed blowgun

who daily helped tame

the wildest of manes

on a passel of heads,

who were glad

that they came.


So it only

makes sense

that she'd use

her past tense

to snip at a man

who was truly insane

and follow the

paths that he led.


~~~ / \~~~~~

She took

Adolph Hitler

and made him

much littler,

than the God

that he thought

he could be,

There's a pic

in her stash

of him less

the mustache

plus a whole lot

of great history.


Her softer side writes

of the sorrows of life

with a bio on

John Lennon's death

which made me imagine

all the songs he'd

have fashioned

if that Chapman hadn't

stole his last breath.


She knows

of hard knocks

she's seen

love on the rocks

she was battered by

a husband so cruel

she gave love many tries

but then broke all of her ties

to a man who was truly a fool.


He threw away beauty,

steadfastness and wit,

when he couldn't control

all his angst... so he hit,

she tried so hard

to help him

get better of course,

but the years took their toll

so she filed for divorce.


But she didn't

waste time

being heartbroke

or nervous,

she's pursuing

her bachelor's

to take on Human Service.


She'll help out other souls

who fall by the way

cause she knows what it's like

to face fear every day...


When her brow isn't knitted

with writing each day

she reads lots of books

and she likes to crochet,

Plus she loves classic movies

if they're in black and white

Just ways to relax when

she comes home at night.


She can tell you the story

of a Doc who gave aid

to a most vile assassin

on a rebel crusade,

he helped set the ankle

of a man who was crud,

earning shame for that fame,

his name's always been Mud.


She had a heart tumour

and she almost died,

but that didn't doom her

she's still here....

she survived,

she'll give you

the warning signs

that she went through

in case such an

ailment should

in your own heart

comes true.


She's got 58 hubs

and a whole lot of fans,

read each one..... you'll enjoy

all her picks and her pans.


Lady Jane's Kingdom

holds colorful subjects

Tales of love so complex

thoughts on cheating or safe sex

each one easy to read

in her most brilliant hub text,

she takes all the facts

then with skill she dissects

the truth from the fiction

until it's correct

plus a host of great projects

each guest can expect.

Her world is a place

you will love and respect.


Ways to care for your hair,

teas to help make you well

find a page to direct you

to some hubs that are swell.


I'm a fan.... I'm a follower...

"What will they call us next??"

Doesn't matter ...she's good

as you'll see..I suspect.


So when you are bored

hungry for something new

check out LadyJane1

she'll bring wisdom to you.




A sampling Of LadyJane1's work

Some of ladyjane1's Favorite Topics


Travel & Places



Holidays & Celebrations



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