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Those who build castles on the air

Updated on September 17, 2012

We all have things we want to do.Some of them by all means and some gradually.Therefore what i want us to do right now is to make a list of ten things we dream to accomplish this year.Believe me, think harder...Harder and Harder, you will realize that there are lots you really need to accomplish.

Let me believe that you have limited resources, times are hard on you, so making this list is meaningless.Listen, there was a certain time in my life i felt the same way, i felt that everything has crumbled and my dreams were bigger than my available resources then the only way to at least stand upright was sorting for assistance.

No one cared, help was far away but believe me, i will not be writing this today if i had gotten that help.It was in my worst state and disappointment that i realized that in every situation,there is an opportunity so i was able to see the opportunity lying in my miserable world then grabbed it and tagged it NEVER LET GO. So whatever you are going through, just take a paper and write down ten must accomplished things and begin right away to source for avenues to realize them.

I told a fella that people laugh at me when i discuss my plans, my dreams are so big that it can knock off Facebook connection and cause a black out in this site. Anyway, i have made my own list and working gradually to grab them all. I had this feeling sometime in 2009, it was around August per say. I felt that i will make a good film director but although i took it very very serious but the resources available to me was limited,sort for help but none cared so i pushed on alone and the outcome was tremendous.

From my present point

Why bag of love

Everyone counts

What you want to be

Dream what you want to be

If nobody believe in you

Believe in yourself

Power of positive thinking

Sing along...

I have so many dreams but there is no means
No means to make them come true
I am down and standing up is impossible
Oh! i have crumbled and failed
I have nothing left to sustain me
There is no resources available

That is the first song, now sing this...(This is who you are)

I don't know how i did but i did it
I failed and crumbled then became weak
But i did not loose my dignity
Oh! i didn't know my own strength
I never knew that i could do it
I never knew my own strength

Folks,dream big and the best thing i have realized is that it is very good to build CASTLES ON THE AIR. And my honest reason is this...

Those who build castles on the air always find the strength to construct foundations beneath so should the castle ever fall, believe me, it will not crumble but will fall onto a foundation.

Believe in yourself.

Images: courtesy of Mobis Films and Studio Ventures.


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