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Is writing a hobby or near obsession to you?

  1. Ken R. Abell profile image82
    Ken R. Abellposted 7 years ago

    Is writing a hobby or near obsession to you?

  2. FloBe profile image81
    FloBeposted 7 years ago

    I used to do journal writing everyday for several hours a day...now writing articles is my focus...so is that a hobby (because I enjoy it)? or, is it an obsession (because I spend so much time on it)|? It could be both!

  3. profile image0
    3 Finger Readerposted 7 years ago

    Writing for me has always been more an obsession than a hobby, (though it's been both) especially now at this point in my life.  Due to circumstances and the need to earn a living, my need to write has alway taken a back seat to other concerns...I'm trying to change that now.

  4. sugz profile image75
    sugzposted 7 years ago

    writing is a hobby to me, except once i start in a novel.. then it just becomes a blur as word follows word and i forget to make a coffee or eat for days on end because i am so engrossed in what i'm throwing over the keyboard.

    lately, writing hasn't been of interest at all and i come to hub pages to get the brain working again. doesn't mean i write what makes sense tho but most times, it does to me haha
    you'll know it's become an obsession cos there will be a dumping of hubs that just appear out of nowhere over night LOL

    some good soem crap, depends on who's doing the reading...

  5. wingedcentaur profile image83
    wingedcentaurposted 7 years ago

    I would say writing is a near obsession with me. Happily its become even more so since I've discovered HubPages. HubPages makes writing so easy. I used to "blog" a bit, but I gave that up because I got no interactivity there. I felt like I was writing into the void. HubPages has actually catalyzed my interest in writing.

  6. Andie.Green profile image58
    Andie.Greenposted 7 years ago

    It is a hobby, I enjoy writing on just about anything and everything depending on the situation I find myself in. I just had not had a chance to login due to medical reasons. I am doing just great and thank God for His wonderful mercy and love during the time of illness. So is writing a hobby or near obsession to you?

  7. Wayne Brown profile image83
    Wayne Brownposted 7 years ago

    In some sense, I guess I could say that it is a hobby because I do derive pleasure from the execution of it just like someone does from golf or woodworking.  On the other hand, when I am able to create a piece that is above the crease, I feel something different going on.  From a hobby perspective, I take pen in hand and attempt to create.  From an obsessive perspective, the need takes control of me and I become the instrument that delivers something that seems to already exist somewhere else within me and must come out...when that happens, I have to call it an obsession.  As I look around, I see two types emerging in the writing arena.  There are those who can and do write almost as if it is a gift from God.  They may take a bit of training along the way but for the most part, they can do it and do.  Then there are the ones who "desire to write"...they ache for it, they envy those who can, they want it badly but for whatever reason, they just cannot get there even though they try.  They waste their time reading books, taking courses, getting advice from others but in the end, they cannot climb that mountain.  For them, it is an obsession...one that seems to be just out of reach.  I suffer that way with the guitar.  If the guitar came to me like writing does, I could be happy.  With that contrast in mind, I can truly say that sometimes God gives us a talent without asking what it is we really wanted.  The answer is that he really does not care what we wanted...it was what he wanted us to have...it is a gift. It is then up to us to decide what we do with it. WB