Let's Create A JOINT Story!

  1. EroticaAndBeyond profile image56
    EroticaAndBeyondposted 7 years ago

    Let's see if we can do this.  I have begun an Erotic storyline, poem, you name/call it what you will.  I teach others how to write in Erotica style.

    I will lend my first section as a continuation of the story we will create.  Everyone can contribute and we can use my site or we can begin a new site. Leave your names on the sections you write so that others can offer ideas and share opinions.


    There are several titles there.  Take your pick.  If you would rather choose a different topic..or write a new one, just leave everyone a note and stick it in the forum...They might get angry if our story grows to large..lol

    Let me know your opinions.  I am always open to suggestions and new ideas.