1. apatheticpoetry profile image60
    apatheticpoetryposted 5 years ago


    Oh father. Where we're you when I was conceived? I never felt your arms hold me. Never felt your lips upon my cheek. Did you ever search for me? Love was hard to understand. Fatherless I roamed about. You walked out of my life before it began. I had to teach myself to become a man. Did you ever care? Where were you when I needed you? When Mother's burdens were too much to bear. When the weight of the world came crashing upon me. You were never there. Was I so hard to find? Through all my tears and all my years. Was I ever on your mind? Brother took your place. To guide me through the dark. To hear your voice was all I wanted. Instead I was nothing, lost and forgotten. Sister held me close to ease my suffering. Your absence only made us stronger. Our love never came up short, only longer. The hole in my heart eventually sealed. Because the day I became a father, was the greatest love I could ever feel.

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    Jenna Popeposted 5 years ago

    You will be such a good father because of the emotional and physical neglect you experienced from your father. Been there -- done that. It is so painful when you are going through it. It makes you a better parent, though. You go the extra mile in loving your children.That's what I did with all four of my children.

    Excellent poem or free writing.

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    apatheticpoetryposted 5 years ago

    Aw thank you so much, sadly I'm not a father anymore, nor step-father but when I do have children I will smother them with the  love I needed and was never given.