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Portable folding picnic table with seats

Updated on December 28, 2013

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Spontaneously setting up an impromptu picnic can be one of the most enjoyable and romantic ways to spend time with that special someone, or even as a way to spend some quality time with friends and family for a relaxing afternoon in the great outdoors.

Adding a portable folding picnic table with seats to your home and garden furnishings repertoire is a great way to make sure you're able to make a spur of the moment picnic a reality, and these wonderful home furnishings can be had for very reasonable prices, if you know where to look.

Why would anybody want to invest in one of these creations, when a standard, garden variety picnic table may do just as well, and may even be more durable and sturdy as well? The answer, quite simply, is location, location... LOCATION!

Portable folding picnic tables make it possible and even convenient for outdoorsy types to pick up and take the show on the road, as it were. No longer isolated to the backyard, or having to visit the local campgrounds, this type of table allows you to go almost anywhere you'd like in order to have a picnic with those you want to spend time with.

Take it to the beach, use it at your local camping spot, or even use one or more while tailgating at your favorite sporting events. In fact, if you're looking to put out an impressive spread, and don't necessarily want to be confined to just your back yard, then these portable picnic tables are the answer.

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