What are some easy ways to make a room look put together?

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  1. pbsandwichofdoom profile image93
    pbsandwichofdoomposted 7 years ago

    What are some easy ways to make a room look put together?

    Do you normally plan rooms around a theme or a color scheme? Do you ever find it limiting?

  2. prektjr.dc profile image83
    prektjr.dcposted 7 years ago

    I find that a theme or color scheme tends to pull things together, but it is just the beginning of the room's personality.  If you think outside of the box and reach for full expansion of a theme or color you will find the possibilities are endless.  For example, decorating a family room with a travel theme obviously lend toward pictures of places they have been and momentos from them.  You can expand it by using suitcases for a coffee table base, maps for matting in photo frames, a streetlamp for lighting.  It need not be limiting, if you are willing to stretch your imagination.  Good question!

  3. ktrapp profile image96
    ktrappposted 7 years ago

    I for one and am not a really a theme-type of person, but if you look at a lot of model homes many times each of the rooms or the entire home seems to follow a theme. I think that probably works best for a kid's room though. I think the easiest way to make a room look pulled together is by the use of color. For example, suppose it is springtime and you have a fairly monotone room, you can pull it together with a fresh shade of green sprinkled throughout. For example, if it were a family room you could add a couple green throw pillows on the sofa, a couple green candles on the mantle, maybe some fresh flowers (greens stems) on the coffee table, and a green throw blanket on an armchair. The eye will glance around the room and the color green spread throughout will pull it together. That's what I think anyway.

  4. jkselections profile image62
    jkselectionsposted 7 years ago

    I tend to decorate with an arts and crafts approach.  No I don't make everything that I use I just fill the room with things that are interesting or things that are alive with colors or patterns.  If you decorate with the things you love you can't go wrong and it will come nicely together.  With the kids rooms I work with the things that they love, like with my daughter she loves light pink, girly frilly things, art, etc.  Just have fun with your decorating and make it your own.

  5. delaneyworld profile image75
    delaneyworldposted 7 years ago

    There are several different ways to pull rooms together.

    1.  Color
    2.  Pattern
    3.  Shapes
    4.  Theme
    5.  Light

    As an example, in my bedroom I have used pink, black and white as the main colors.  To mix it up a bit I've also used some greens and blues.  A lot of my design elements also have circular or wavy elements.  Also, some of the artwork and pieces used to decorate are themed around butterflies or birds.  Don't forget the importance of light.  An above head light will certainly give you a lot of brightness to work with, but some well placed lamps with different colored shades will warm up a room and create a cozy atmosphere.

    I also think about the curtains I use.  I had black curtains on my windows, but found during the day the light quality in my room was a bit bleak.  I decided to go wild and try a pink and white polka dotted fabric.  Now when the light filters into my room, it has an ethereal and comforting quality. 

    There are so many ways you can go with this.  Just use your imagination and go for it.  Sometimes if you over think it, it gets to be too much.  I usually start with the things that I love and it all turns out well in the end.  Good luck!


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