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Magic Chef Microwave with Digital Touch

Updated on April 13, 2015

Amazing Microwave Oven

Why We Love Our Magic Chef Microwave

We love our Magic Chef Mcm1110B 1.1 Cubic Feet 1,000-Watt Microwave. It is all digitally touched controlled. It has a large capacity for a main course dish. Cook with any of the ten power levels. Led display with a clock.

This microwave cooks the food quickly and evenly. With the round revolving plate there is no need to cook your food for a few minutes and then rotate it, because the food is rotating all the time on the durable glass plate.

Besides the number digital buttons that one can add the time to cook, there are different buttons that are labeled to cook beverages, popcorn, fresh and frozen vegetables, frozen pizza, a dinner plate (this would be a mixture of food to heat up), meat, poultry and fish. Plus a defrost button.

Often I will use the frozen pizza button for many of the frozen breakfast sandwiches that I have cooked. They seem to turn out just right each time.

The popcorn button works nicely instead of guessing the time to cook the popcorn. We have hit that button many times and the popcorn pops nearly every kernel.

We have had our microwave for five years now and it works just as good as when we first bought it. For the price it is a very good buy.

It is very easy to clean. The glass plate is carefully placed in the sink with soap water. I just wash it off with the dishcloth and then dry it. The interior of the microwave is gone over with a wet washcloth.

The Magic Chef Microwave replaced our Panasonic Microwave oven that we had for around 15 years. I would recommend either one. Some of us are locked into certain brand names of appliances, if you are looking for a particular brand of microwave oven, you will find all

Microwave Ovens shown on Amazon when clicking here.

Cookbooks for Wonderful Dises

Here are three different cookbooks to make some wonderful dishes in your microwave. Keep in mind that these appliances are more then a beverage heater upper.

Find many more microwave cookbooks here.

A Man, a Can, a Microwave: 50 Tasty Meals

A Man, a Can, a Microwave: 50 Tasty Meals You Can Nuke in No Time (Man, a Can... Series)
A Man, a Can, a Microwave: 50 Tasty Meals You Can Nuke in No Time (Man, a Can... Series)

Easy to make recipes even through the recipes don't all come from a can.

In fact there are some healthy meals that the bachelor can make. A variety of recipes. Thick coated pages for that messy splatter cook and easy for clean up. Even bachelorettes can cook up a recipe from this book.


125 Best Microwave Oven Recipes

125 Best Microwave Oven Recipes
125 Best Microwave Oven Recipes

Excellent fast easy recipes that one can make and put into their microwave oven. This proves that there is more to just reheating food. Some of the recipes from this book are Spicy Asian Beef with Peppers and Snow, Peas to Potato and Chickpea Chili and Spanish Fish Stew,


I Love My Microwave Cookbooks

The Magic of Microwave Cooking ~ Cooking For One
The Magic of Microwave Cooking ~ Cooking For One

Easy to cook for one with this cookbook for one. Minimal clean up and most recipes take less than 30 minutes to make.


Here are some funny microwave videos of things not to do.

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© 2013 Sandy Mertens

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    • ReviewsfromSandy profile image

      Sandy Mertens 4 years ago from Wisconsin

      @sherwing: Hope you do.

    • sherwing profile image

      Sherwin Griffith 4 years ago from Bridgeport Connecticut United States

      looks like a really good one. I have to look into it.