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How much time does one have to spend here on hubpages to make a fulltime income?

  1. miss shelia profile image75
    miss sheliaposted 6 years ago

    How much time does one have to spend here on hubpages to make a fulltime income?


  2. R9139 profile image67
    R9139posted 6 years ago

    I am not sure about a full time income, it would all depend on time spent on each article. The type of traffic they get, you can write 200 articles which no one would want to read and earn nothing having spent months doing so. It is important to write about things you know people will want to read, employing good keywords and hot topics, ideally things that have not been done already. Such as all original own ideas or concepts. The trouble is with answering a question like this is it is all down to how fast you can work, how much you have to offer in forms of articles and if you get the needed traffic to your work. It's clear its not a get rich quick scheme. Some people earn less than inmates do. Others make a tidy sum. It all comes down to you. It's hard to answer as everyone will be different. The best one I can give you, if you want it to be your full time income make it your full time job, 9am - 5pm per day, 5 days a week writing as much original and engaging content as you can. People can spend an hour writing a couple of articles which become hits. Others months for the same result. One thing I can tell you is if you start doing this for money alone, chances are you will be disappointed and won't enjoy the community side as much. You can read all of the success stories, but the chances of being able to live off your income, if at all. In the first year at least are slim.

  3. hillymillydee profile image60
    hillymillydeeposted 6 years ago

    This is kind of hard to answer because it is not time that will earn money, it is your high quality and unique articles with good keywords that people are looking for that will earn money. And we don't have the same speed or pace, others can be faster than the other so we cannot say how much time we will spend to earn full time income.

    And even we spend long time here in hubpages just answering questions and reading other articles as well as commenting cannot give us money.

    It is even hard to say how many hubs you should write to earn because again that will depend if your article is ranking in Googles and having a lot of traffic.

    All we know is that top earners are hardworking and been here for years. They accumulated hundreds of hubs others have thousands. So if we like to make a fulltime income we must do what those top earners did and still doing until now. And we are sure they spent a lot of time with all those years they were here in hubpages.

  4. Casey Strouse profile image60
    Casey Strouseposted 6 years ago

    You really need to churn out volumes of solid content to make anything online these days.  If you're looking for a quick income stream make a bunch of short videos and embed them to help make a personal connection with your readers.  Another thing that can make a big difference is dictating your content and then using cheap online transcription services so you can produce more content in less time (the average person can speak @ nearly 250 wpm vs 40-50 wpm typing).