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14 Vicious Republican Assaults on America. Cuts, Birthers, Insurance Debacle. (#10 thru 14)

Updated on April 15, 2014

Assaults on our Intelligence

those who manipulate our minds
those who manipulate our minds | Source

Republican Assaults on America

John Boeners Boners.

Birthers will never die.

Florida's slide down hill and back to the dark ages.

Our government take over by Corporate America?

14 Vicious Republican assaults on America, and their hidden agendas.

numbers (10 thru 14), of 14 and counting.

# 10. Boehners Boners - his remarks on proposed cuts.

First, Speaker Boehner and House republicans refused to bring a single bill to the House floor that would create jobs. Now, when asked about potential job losses from proposed cuts on everything from education to law enforcement that Republicans are making in their budget, Boehner dismissively said: " So Be It."

If House Republicans succeed in cutting tens of billions of dollars in discretionary spending over the next six months, some of the most immediate victims will be federal employees, many of whose jobs will be slashed as their agencies pare back. Yup, that is right, if the Republican budget cuts cost American workers their jobs, the Republican response is "So be it". Those 3 little words speak volumes about the Republican agendas.

# 11 Birthers - still alive and kicking

Boehner Panders to the Tea Party "Birther" Conspiracies !!

Despite President Obama's birth certificate from Hawaii being made public more than two years ago, and again displayed a couple of weeks ago on CNN, tea party extremists continue pushing their outrageous 'birther myth'. But it even gets worse. Tea party lawmakers in 10 states are using this paranoid lie to push legislation through, with the real goal of keeping President Obama off the ballot in their state in 2012.

And when asked about it on Meet the Press, Speaker John Boehner fanned the flames even more by saying; "It's not my job to tell the American people what to think".

# 12 Insurance Reform?

It is no secret that the health insurance industry spent tens of millions of dollars in its effort to prevent comprehensive health care reform from becoming law. But the insurance industry and its allies did not give up their fight against health care reform when the Affordable Care Act became law. In fact, empowered by the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, corporate backed groups intent on the repeal of the health care reform law spent an enormous amount of money to elect only those candidates who vowed to repeal it.

The stupidity of the right wing in their zeal to kiss the asses of their wealthy benefactors, dare to still say that the large corporations should be doing their own policing of themselves. This has never worked in the history of the U.S., and will never work in the future as long as Gold and Greed are the prevailing aspirations of the ruling class.

it is costing the taxpayer millions of dollars for the Republicans to fight this reform to appease the very people who paid their way into Washington. It is true that this Affordable Health Care Act does need some tweaking, but total repeal is just about as stupid an idea as i have ever seen. This zeal to repeal has nothing to do with budget cuts, or anything else, other than to appease the insurance companies, and other businesses that fear more restrictions on them as well.

# 13 Florida

A. Governor Rick Scott and legislative leaders have launched an all out assault on Florida workers and their their families. Gov. Scott's budget, combined with other extremely harsh proposals from the legislature, would cut billions from our public schools, harm the quality of health care Floridians receive, and cut thousands of jobs, all while lining the pockets of millionaires by continuing to promote and defend those distasteful tax cuts to the wealthiest in this country.

B. Approximately 5.3 million Americans across the country are barred from voting because they have felony convictions. About one million of those people live in Florida. With those kinds of numbers, a new proposal to bar even more Floridians from voting is a slap in the face of our democracy.

Florida has an ugly history of disfranchisement, now they propose to get even more people pushed out of the political process. Floridians who've finished their sentences deserve a say in their Government. Under the new proposal from Attorney General Pam Bondi, if adopted by the Board of Executive Clemency, all Floridians with past felony convictions will have to wait years after they finish their sentences just to fill out applications requesting that their voting rights be restored. This may sound OK to most of you, but in the state of Florida, if you are found guilty of anything (like traffic violations) three times, the old '3 strikes and you're out' law kicks in. 5 years maximum jail sentence. And labeled a 'felon' for life as an 'habitual traffic offender'. They lose all rights in this state. This ludicrous law has done nothing to curb traffic violations, and has only served to clog the courts and jails and ruin peoples' lives, but mostly to appease (and silence) the loud voices of the MADD (mothers against drunk drivers) members, and yes, they are a special interest group.

Making people who have served the terms of their sentences, jump through hoop after hoop to regain their voting rights is not democracy. And making such a significant change without the opportunity for public hearings is rash and undemocratic. Florida is making a giant step in the wrong direction, by ignorant, uninformed, uncaring and desperate Republicans who will attempt to maintain their control as long as possible, at any expense to the people of Florida and the rest of America.

# 14 Ohio.

The extreme measures being undertaken against the middle class in Wisconsin, are spreading around the country. In Ohio, Republican Governor John Dasich is ramming through a bill taking away the rights of police, firefighters and teachers to organize.

15,000 people showed up in Columbus, Ohio, on 2/23/11 protesting a bill like the one in Wisconsin, attacking public workers.

The next stop for the G.O.P.'s ruthless attacks on hard working Americans? Congress. Speaker Boehner and House Republicans are taking a slash and burn approach to the budget process that could cost American families hundreds of thousands of jobs.

#15 No great story here:

Just as an added comment. This one (#15) should be on the current trend by the Right wing to pass immigration laws, as they have done in Arizona, that are blatantly discriminatory, and making racial profiling legal.

My concluding comments regarding my 14 vicious republican assaults on the middle class:(thank god you say!)

Perhaps i am guilty of not looking far enough into the future, through the eyes of the Republican party, Moral majority, Corporate America, the wealthy, and the Greedy.

All these cuts and denial of rights, will eventually lead to many deaths, whether through natural causes, or by killings from the radical henchmen of those entities that advocate it (justifiable homicide - as the republican party called it). (and to include abortionists, those ungodly homos, non-Christians, and anyone else that stands in opposition or does not conform to their conservative vision of how things should be).

This would in turn, stop the vast waste of money on the needy, the undeserving, the underprivileged, the malingerers, the lazy, the deformed, those who are unable to work and produce for whatever reason - either physical or mental, etc., etc., and complete the process of dumbing down of the remaining population ( for greater pliability and unobstructed service to the wealthy of course - justifiable).

After this transition is complete, there will be no need for either political party - the elite class will have no more need for their armies of destruction. Total conversion to a true Plutocracy. This would eventually free up wasted resources, and increase profits substantially for the wealthy that now will have completed their takeover of this great country of ours .
This just might be the plan after all. Something we can all live with in peace and harmony.

d.william 03/15/11

postscript to my hubs listing the 14 republican assaults on America: The comments, data, facts, quotes, etc., are in large part excerpts from public records, public polls, task force action fund, credo, move-on, democracy for America,, free press action funds, ACLU, seicu, CNN, local fox channels, and other sources that are all verifiable.

Short video that justifies regulations on industry


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    • tom hellert profile image

      tom hellert 

      8 years ago from home

      Etta ,

      I don’t argue with ya, ALL the politicians of Both parties are really only out for themselves I say they only work what 15 days a month- they should have to give 1/3 to½ their salaries back- no argument here, they should not get healthcare for life…. Presidents any of them should get lifetime gravy train beness…


      DW ,

      Thanks for calling me wise you’re not an idiot either…The reps had all the opportunities to have their input into this bill" Take a breath think before you drink another hit of DEM flavored ObamaKoolaid By input you mean they had 48 hours to read 2800 pages before it was DEEMED PASSED??? Ok real fair, as for input Barry himself said he won the election... And the funding was HIDDEN in many other places - stimulus etc...So whose facts are "skewed?"

      Florida are you serious Please, but if you want we can talk about-Voter fraud- Since your so concerned why don’t you mention the starting lineup of the Dallas cowboys being registered to vote by one of those "voter action committees" no fraud there huh...But in fairness what can anyone really expect if voting does not require a photo Id- if they made that a need - municipalities could generate some $ for anyone that didn't have a Drivers license they could use their birth cert and 2 bills or something like that for verification of address-that’s another thing...but at least I bet we agree that the voting system needs an overhaul.

      Thank you I liken the current system to the wolves watching the chicken coup. I trust the politicians like i trust a group of 4th graders no wait.... 9th-10th graders too much sex for fourth graders..

      B. Any ounding through of policy is wrong UNLESS you have a set of cowards AFRAID TO COME TO WORK TO DEBATE IT Walker should have had the dragged back… they should not have been paid and they should have been dereliction of duty charges.. Or outright fired if you or I didn’t show up to work for a week or two- what would happen to us- we just stopped showing up??? We would be looking for a new job- Those democrats acted like children…running from their vegetables at the dinner table- if the senate republicans or house republicans did that halting a vote you know damn well the Dems would have found them and hauled them back to work…so don’t even try this holier than thou attitude on Scott walker…

      C."Now, here, you are totally way off base when you talk about the government employees making more money and benefits than the private sector“ I am talking about comparable jobs...I've worked with state workers for years- a comparable job to mine held by a person with less actual job specific education made 1/4 more cash than me and his supervisor made 1/3 more $$$ than my boss you are correct the admin at the state office can’t beat an investment banker but the govt administrator out earns my former secretary Michelle- and she worked harder than administrator i knew- cops make way more than security guards... i could go on but why bother......Bold FACED LIES HUh I think not.. that’s what you believe i guess teachers public school teachers and administrators in the unions or not make way more than those at catholic school- i know a ton of teachers...they teach in both situations the public school teachers say- they would not want to go private they couldn't stand to lose the money.... Next up workers unskilled – they will make ½ to ¼ LESS MONEY than Union state workers when guys were offered “prevailing wages” – (state union wages) they nearly kissed me…I’d hear I got two days of rate this week- doubled my paycheck….my pal is a dentist supervisor for the state he makes more than my regular dentist who owns his own practice I could go on with stories about unskilled govt/union workers vs. guys with a college degree but that would just get embarrassing for you…

      D. repeat whatever you want it’s still a dream the housing market crashes WHY?? Because DEMs MADE banks lend to people who should not have been given loans they had No way of paying back- would you loan $15000 to a homeless drunk??? NO So Clinton (a democrat) made banks loan to people who could not pay it back- 2/96 Bloomberg Businessweek. Clinton goes too far lowering down payment granting easier loans to people who could not pay National homeownership strategy that started it all... granted W did a dumb thing extending goodwill in the Ownership society plan- and neither the Dem or Rep congress bought a clue... and thought Gee, maybe this is a bad idea- 16 years of idiotic policy on the home issue both parties not using their heads..

      D. I am concerned for what? What i wrote is what i believe/know to be true-i am not some republican shill-regurgitating talking points up ... i leave the rhetoric reflux to the left... how many time will we hear about granny eating dog food or kids not getting meals because of proposed cuts... Gimme a break tax the rich some more and they will take even more $$$ off shore...who is going to invest in America if they can’t make $$ back? No matter how much $ they have,

      You are right blame is thrown around like basketballs in warm-ups. and these days both sides have their own outlets and trusted talking heads.. No argument there- BOTH SIDES are guilty of "tweaking the truth"

      - Because each side has its own "version of what is true"... Plan A will destroy the Country No plan a will save us . You and i could be sitting in your living room or mine I'll order pizza from this really good local place...-If we watch the same speech at the same time and come up with different messages...All politicians are trouble-

      Finally I agree the country got what it deserved for choosing the Dems to have a majority in the House Senate and white house and now it’s time for rational people to undo the mess Nancy Barry and harry made I only hope it’s not too late...

      Oh well… Have a nice day-

      Your Pal,


    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks again for your 'wise' insights into the workings of our Government. Your facts, of course, are again a bit skewed.

      A. The affordable health care bill that was passed was indeed passed because their were more democrats to vote on it than republicans. The reps had all the opportunities to have their input into this bill, but they chose to be the 'just say no' party opposing anything and everything that the dems attempted to enact. Their interest was not for "affordable health insurance for everyone". Their interests were in preserving the control that giant corporations have over the people. After, all this is exactly why they were bought by those giant corporations and put into position to do just that. If you believe otherwise, your are living in a fantasy world, or you are one of those giant corporations, or hoping to be.

      B. I do not hear your voice of disapproval for the rep governors passing their own agendas in exactly the same way. So, i can assume that you find this acceptable because? In Wisconsin for example, they totally bypassed the senate and "crammed" those changes through, even having the balls to say that this had nothing to do with the budget, but rather their gift to the business world that paid their way into those positions.

      C. Now, here, you are totally way off base when you talk about the government employees making more money and benefits than the private sector. I worked for many years in government service, and it took us years of fighting and 'negotiating' to have our salaries raised to equal that of the private sector. And even today, those salaries (wages) are still under the private sector wage scales. The idea that government workers make more money/benefits is a bold faced lie perpetuated by campaign bullshit of the republican party. Nothing more, nothing less.

      D. You are correct, however, in that those G.D. politicians have exempted themselves from all the laws, rules and regulations they have imposed on everyone else. They are the ones who negotiated for their own insurance plans, retirement plans, and exorbitant salaries. This is not the fault of one party - both were looking out for themselves first at the expense of the common workers.

      D. At this point, and i repeat myself, over and over again, the current situation in this country had nothing to do with democrats and their 'sinful' 'liberal' ways. The current situation was brought about strictly by the loopholes provided, tax breaks, and underhandedness of the wealthy in this country in their greed to take control of the financial and economic world. The rest of that crap is nothing but a smoke screen to detract from the real agenda of the republican (corporate america) party.

      D. Your interest should be for the average American citizen, not the business world who still are in control of your life and finances, as well as mine. Unless you are one of them - then i can understand your continued rhetoric of little or no substance. You simply echo the words of the republican party without logic or common sense.

      People who follow blindly are definitely part of the problem and not the solution. After all, it is much easier to call names, point the finger, blame someone else, etc. - than get involved and help make those changes that benefit everyone.

      Politicians are certainly a breed unto themselves, but if you believe in honest elections, then we, the people, deserve exactly what we get for putting these inept people in charge of our country and our personal lives.

      Frankly, i do not believe there are any more honest elections, since electronic voting was "crammed down our throats" by those same politicians that hire the best computer hackers to make sure the voting totals are as they want them to be. I don't think the democratic people have quite caught onto this concept yet. And i do not anticipate that it will change unless there are paper trails to verify those votes. As happened in Florida a few years ago, when thousands of paper ballots somehow mysteriously 'disappeared' while being transported to Tallahassee for recount. And as you know, or do not, i really don't care, the republicans won by a few thousand votes. No one, including, me ever believed that the republicans actually "won" those elections. Your buddy Karl Rove, made the statement that "we (republicans) will win one way or another".

    • tom hellert profile image

      tom hellert 

      8 years ago from home

      You guys are a trip- ya why save money, we can print more right who cares about inflation why use logic and cut spending- why start with the government folks who get paid more ... allot more $$ and benefits for doing comparable jobs in the private sectors... Lets not say anything about the senators and House of Rep politicians who voted in Obamacare but exempted themselves from it they keep their cadilac health plans...Do as they say not as they do... and lets not talk about how it was passed either-I mean it was "Deemed". talk about jerks.... and i agree that if there was a shut down no government worker should have gotten paid- the dems were not hollering for a lost paycheck either- thats because ALL POLITICIANS are mental no matter what party they belong to-it takes a specialtype of narsicism to bew in politics


    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks for your comments. I think you echo every U.S. citizen's sentiments with your words. If they manage to succeed in shutting down the government, they will not lose any paychecks, or benefits, like all the other government workers in this country will, because of them.

      When asked by the news media about why they would not be affected, they just said, they "exempted themselves". And your final assessment hit it right on the head: They are certainly JERKS.

      Just like all those Republican Governors who passed those state laws cutting all state government employees' salaries. They said the same thing: They "exempted themselves".

    • profile image


      8 years ago


    • tom hellert profile image

      tom hellert 

      8 years ago from home


      as a geologist/hydrogeologist,

      #1 I do not like hydrofracing-

      #2 If a company does do it it should only be completed in Non-Used Aquifer Situations (underground water sources that are not used by people livestock- but can be used for non-potable industrialuses).Any company that does HFing and contaminates or degrades potable water quality, ph, suspended solids ,sulfates, phosphates, total dissolved solids,and chemical make up-(et al).

      Any sort of fracing that causes environmental issues or impact should the company MUST have to reimburse the homeowners water is safe.

      Check out this website Go to this site-

      This site highlights a better type of fracing where there is very little residuals to get lost in the formation. Due to the nature and viscosity of the material used to frac with- it is initially +10x more expensive BUT the back end costs will close that gap. As opposed to H-fracing you will not get much objection to it from me-sts of hydro fracing via "gel fracing" is a better option. I am not a fan of hydrofracing- for the very reasons you saw in the film- Those companies will have to re install the wells and put a softener and carbon systems that will likely be in operation for decades. In closing,there are options to hydrofracingbut additional options must be created to make the fracing process more economical and environmentally freindly

      So there are alternatives that yes should be used.. no arguement there...


    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      In case you decide to revisit this hub page, i have added a short video above for you to look at. This is the very reason why regulations must be imposed on businesses.

      There is no amount of arguing against government regulations that would justify this continuing devastation by people who are in it just for the buck. So, please think, man, before spewing your hatred toward democrats, liberals, or progressives who actually care about our environment.

      Without government regulations, private business would destroy our entire forests and oceans, and contaminate our air supply just to make a profit.

      You have to be part of the solution, not part of the problem, by simply siding with your party. This is NOT being a responsible citizen.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Your comments are not surprising to me. I have just read your profile and will make an exception for you due to your history. It does explain a lot to me.

      It does not, however, make you right (correct)or make your hatred less radical. You say a lot of hateful things, but they are just empty words to me. I will not repeat what i said above to you, except that in today's real world, it is not the democrats, or the liberals, who are doing the assaulting of women, elderly, middle class/working class, undoing the "regulations" that are in place to protect our water, food and air supplies so that your kids will have a half way decent shot at a future that is not contaminated beyond repair, by your precious "big business" greedy bastards.

      So, believe what you will, live in your own little sheltered world of the republican mentality and false security for the "never-gonna-happen" provisions for the betterment of humanity by the the very people who have destroyed this country in the first place. And your little saying should be altered to read: The wealthy rule, the democrats AND republicans drool. That was truly adult of you.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks for reading and your support. I am praying that the sane are more abundant than those like the above commenter.

    • tom hellert profile image

      tom hellert 

      8 years ago from home


      in response- the dems would know about undermining a president since they did that for 8 yrs straight with w- so get off your allegedly unbiased horse and admit to that first Secondly-The reason the economy did not entirelt tank after 911 - I guess you libs forgot about that effect on the economy IT was the reason for the downturn NOT TAX CUTS that historically create jobs-Taxing the rich I mean punishing job creators like BHO wants to do WILL NOT SPUR Economic prosperity... Carter vs Reagan... will be the precurser to Obama and the next president now that America can see that Obama is destroying the economy on purpose-

      UNIONS I and my father were Union members I saw their poisonous nature from within The Beast itself- the UNION BRASS cover their own bloated bodies- and when it comes to cutting benefits or people to save $$ the UNIONS EAT THEIR OWN PEOPLE instead of benefits thats a fact or they sacrifice new hires to the axe so UNIONS are nothing but glorified pyramid schemes....

      Violent felons- murderers and rapists and the like destroy peoples lives kill them etc why should they keep their rights when they take anothers life- oh by the way I do know a few "people who have committed felonies" i told them to their face they should not get to vote at least while they were in prison- but i guess who else would they vote for crooks for crooks!!!!

      MY LAST PARAGRAPH- You call me crazy because you cant deny those statements Dems are ALL about OVER REGULATION and limiting of freedoms- but typical dems accuse us of being controlling when your libs and I assume you are dispite your denials of partisanship- typical lib move deny deny deny who you really are...THE HATE LIES ON THE LEFT- SEE THE DISGUSTING SIGNS IN wisconsin? ILLINOIS? or the signs in Arizona against- Jan Brewer??? OR THOSE PLANTTED BY LEFTWINGNUTS AT THE TEA PARTY RALLIES??? the hate lies on the left more so than the right.. take a look at the difference in news coverage Bush vs Barry- we on the right endured 8 years of ridiculous vitriolic attacks by Hollywood CNN MSNBC, CBS NBS PBS for 8 years but that was OK because it was news right... above partisan ship- believe that and I will know you have a mental illness....

      "Beware who you accuse of wrong doing" Is Not a threat- just a piece of ADViCe that if nothing else will help you out in public to not look like the "nuetral person you alledge"- Good luck trying to get me in trouble with my comment-- you overreacting, overanalyzing left wing overly sensitive idiolog- your nuetral my foot...

      As for targets it seems death threats flow freely at Republicans- dont blame the arizona shooting on REPs or Tea Party Jarrod Psyco eyes was a mental case....Keep slurping the Obama-aide,

      House dems have done nothing but lick the socialistic boots of Saul A Jr in the whitehouse passing bills so they can know whats in it Hey STUPID DEMS thats NOT how its supposed to work although DEEMING bills that change 1/3 of the US economy does not matter to the Dumocrats,


      DESPITE your denial of reality and the truth your a lefty I enjoyed your work, you are a skilled writer and good debater... TH

    • Credence2 profile image


      8 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      Hi, d.william glad to be joining your team. You did a comprehensive job on this peace. With our combined voices we can put a stop to this absurd rightwing juggernaut. Credence 2

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      I just wanted to add one more comment on this hub: I too believe that: "Once again the Republicans are on the wrong side of history. House democrats have led the fight to create jobs, enact health care reform, demand financial accountability on Wall Street, and together with President Obama, restore American's leadership and reputation around the world. It is because of these accomplishments that House Democrats are now the targets of vicious attacks by their Republican opponents, funded by unaccountable special interests."

      This is part of the contents of a letter by Madeline K. Albright that i just wanted to share with you as well.

      Just another point of view, as valid as yours.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the south hellet.

      Hey, thanks for your republican biased points of view. As i state many times, i do not slant my facts to favor either side. If these assaults on the american people were made by the democrats, the only thing different in my accounts of them would be changing the word 'republican' to 'democrat'.

      Your views however, are obviously slanted, and most probably because you only hear the one sided ranting of the right wing news agencies, and party propaganda. You really need to start broadening your perspective and listening to both views. You might just be surprised to find that there is another legitimate point of view in this world, besides those of your right wing fanatics, and base religions. And, i am not saying there are no left wing fanatics, they just are not the ones doing the assaulting at this time.

      I will briefly try to address some of you faulty thinking points.

      1.) (A)Yes, dems have had the majority of power for 2 years. (B)the reps had a 'just say no' policy to everything; in an effort to undermine and discredit a president they did not like, for whatever reason (i will leave it at that for now). (C)Tarps and bailouts - your memory has faded if you truly believe that the dems are responsible for this mess. I do leave it was inherited from the previous administration. (D) The reps are back in the majority of the House and have chosen to continue their battle against Pres. Obama, women, the gay community, their religious beliefs, and the middle class, in favor of big business. There were no job killing issues in the A.H.C. bill - this was strictly propaganda by corporate america, insurance companies, and republican radicals. They (republicans) have not even attempted to try to introduce anything that would 'create' jobs. In fact, it is just the opposite. Their ludicrous agenda is just the opposite. Kill the unions, kill the jobs. (E) the Affordable Health Care bill" was the best attempt at providing equal coverage , at reasonable costs, for everyone. But, the reps fight it at the expense of the tax payers, in favor of their financial benefactors, instead of offering some input as to how to adjust it to make it more usable for the people. Your favoring the insurance companies at the expense of the american people, is proof of your biased mindset.

      2.) Birthers. idiocy incarnate. It doesn't say much for the intelligence of the republican party to have allowed an 'non american born, black, american citizen' to be elected as president in the first place. So you can just give this argument a rest.

      3. Job creation by the reps has been so profitable to the american people and they have created how many jobs so far because of that tax cut that would "create all those jobs"?? What a joke. They have had these tax cuts for many years? I have not seen too much job growth (in this country) in that time. Instead, the personal bank accounts of the CEO's, etc.., is the only thing i have seen showing any kind of growth at all. This argument is also stagnant and getting old. The corporate america has no interest in creating jobs in america. They have managed to dupe the republican party into believing that carp, but it certainly has not been proven to be true. Your very statement that "making corporations pay their fair share of taxes kills jobs" is ludicrous in itself and not even worthy of any further discussion. THINK for a moment, man, instead of just repeating what your party tells you to. Much like the christian community, quoting from the bible to prove their point of view. What a joke.

      4.) Your evaluation of defending the right to remove voting rights for felons is so flawed that i will not try to explain something that is obviously beyond your grasp. But, it is refreshing to know when someone commits a crime and does their time, that people like you will keep on judging those mistakes. Let's hope that you or one of your family members does not become one of those victims of an idiotic societal system of false incarcerations for traffic violations in the state of Fla.

      5.) Unions? Here's another concept you will never be able to grasp. Your arguments against unions mirror the very thing that your corporate america benefactors are doing. But, it is OK when it is done for profit of large companies, large annual bonuses, the expense of their own workers pay and benefits, instead of protecting middle working class rights.

      6.)Your rant in the last paragraph certainly depicts your mental state and biased views of life as we know it. I can only pity those of you who call names, and shout your hatreds when there is no logical rational explanations or thoughts made by you that can convince even a 'wood pussy' to believe them. (look up the term wood pussy - you might find that little tidbit of enlightening).

      7.) Your threat at the end is grounds to be removed from hubpages. I guess that is the last resort of the fanatical radical group in this country. Threaten bodily harm. Like that will make your views more valid.

      Despite your hateful rhetoric, i appreciate your reading my hubs. Please visit again. dw

    • tom hellert profile image

      tom hellert 

      8 years ago from home

      d will,

      sadly you have crossed the line for me- in order- my objections as follow-

      10boenner- the dems had an absolute lock on everything for almost 2 years and what did they do the passed a nation killing health bill-instead of job creation bills- TARPs and bailouts - did nothing for the economy

      11birthers- i would like to SEE a REAL birth cert not a cert of live birth but oh guess what its missing but they said it was real not some photoshopped facsimilie Sorry still no PROOf for ME yet

      12insurance-ARE you kidding or blind- the aChSBill is a bill created to DESTROY private insurance-so if you wanna talk about job destruction look no further than Obamacare Obamacare of the AHCA is a real company killer but I guess that isn't in your job killing stats against the dems-i am not saying reform isn't in order- but wiping it out is not a good insce reform.

      13florida- thie old tax cuts for the rich- I HATE GOING OVER THIS REPEATEDLY- w- WHO CREATED -CREATES JOBS? poor people- NO- "RICH PEOPLE" WELL ITS MORE LIKELY- IF NOT THE PUT THEIR $$ off shore where no one can bemnefit-RAISE THE TAXESon the "rich" and what will happen- they will find ways to keep it instead of keeping it around- where they can use it but no you Dems tax it so they can't use it to create jos thats great for the economy too- HOW DO "rich" guys make $$ they do it by investing/spending it but NOT if the Government ytakes it....

      13Bcrime and punishment- dont do the crime if you wont accept the punishment- felons- by their actions have given up their "rights" toparticipate peacefully in society- they have already shown poor judgement so- WHY DO THEY DESERVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE-

      if the people of Florida have an issue- then THEY CAN UNVOTE OR VOTE TO REPEAL IT

      14 Ohio/Wisconsin WHAT IS Insolvency to liberals we can just print money to get out of debt So I see - only union people deserve some sort of immunity to cutS that is plain BS. the unions suck off more cash than the a deserve or B Why should non-union hard working americans have to pay for the gold plated benefits of a select few and I especially mean the teachers- police N Firemen- deserve alot more than teachers do., guys who run into burning buildings and into gunfire get a special compensation- But the police and fire cheifs making 100's of 1000s of dollars does not seem right especially since they rarely get near danger...

      15 new world order comment you assume its the GOp and reps that are trying to take over america- i say its the media matters George Sauroses of the world and THE DEMOCRATS trying to rule the world - who tells us what to eat- whatwe can drink but I guess those folks and the rest of the dems are just there to help us out-more like to regulate us into submission so really its your left wing loons who are trying to imprison us all - unless your a terrorist or a felonchild molester, cash stealing union person, or deviant people who actually have done something wrong-



    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks again for reading and commenting. This disaster in Japan is NOT going to be a positive advertisement for universal health care in this country! We can't even stand up united against the insurance companies sticking it to us on a regular basis. The GOP and tea party think they (insurance companies) should have the right to gouge us any way they can. And that is enough to make ME spit.

    • profile image

      Fay Paxton 

      8 years ago

      It's enough to make me want to spit. I was thinking earlier today about the people in Japan. Thank goodness they have universal healthcare.

      Thank you so much for this thorough. fact-based hub. I appreciate it.


    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks for your comments. The right wing cannot see beyond its own nose. They truly believe they are the correct way. Poor fools do not know they are but pawns for the corporate america. They are selling the american people down the toilet for money in their pockets.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      8 years ago from Southern Illinois

      The facts you've presented here are just that, facts. They are public records. It would be nice if the Right Wing voters would read them and for once in their life admit that the country is falling into a pit of greed brought on by the Republican Party. Thank you again for writing the truth

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks again for you comments. This is the exact reason i wrote the article called "Questioning Christianity - Are your beliefs valid?" I just added a link above to that article to make it easier for those who dare, to read it.

    • Stump Parrish profile image

      Stump Parrish 

      8 years ago from Don't have a clue, I'm lost.

      d, a nice finish to a well presented and researched article. And as AR, so kindly pointed out, one that will be ignored by the non-thinking, non-fact checking right. It never ceases to amaze me how so many people can and do ignore facts that they disagree with. The fact that they are facts never enters their empty heads. Have you noticed that not one on the right has stated anything you posted is an actual fact? It's amazing that the only truth they swallow is that from 2000 year old goat herders. Makes a lot of sense when you consider that at least these people could and did think. They didn't spend their entire lives repeating unprovable claims. This determination never to have a coherent thought of their own was deveveloped early in their lives. Sunday School is where these people embraced the non-thinking lifestyle they so proudly display today.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thank you again for reading and your comments.

    • Spirit Whisperer profile image

      Xavier Nathan 

      8 years ago from Isle of Man

      Another highly informative hub about things in your country that I knew nothing about. Thank you for the very interesting read.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Hey stranger. Haven't heard any of your great words of wisdom lately. You are correct that there are many government 'factions' that need to be cut. All those that favor big business tax breaks, and that skirt the laws to protect them.

      You are, as usual, true to your form in your one sided, one dimensional, comments about Wisconsin. If this had been strictly an attempt to cut expenses and help balance the budget, it would have been commendable. But you have to admit, now that the damage is done to the working class, that this was only an attempt to destroy collective bargaining. The Dems did what they did to try to protect and preserve the working class rights that have been fought for (and rightfully earned) for hundreds of years. Nothing more, nothing less. You know as well as i do that the working class was not the reason our economy is in the funk it is in today.

      And i see you are still true to your usual form of rhetoric of calling names. Your version of 'hyprocites' is, as usual, skewed by your biases. There is nothing hyprocrital about writing about the facts. There is nothing in my '14 vicious attacks by Republicans' that is not fact. So, i have to conclude that your opinions and comments are based on just that: your opinions. Thanks for stopping by again to enlighten me and the rest of the world.

      FYI: The International Commission for Labor Rights has concluded that Wisconsin's actions are indeed illegal. These rash decisions will eventually be overturned in the courts, but it just shows the true disdain that the New Republicans have for the basic rights of the american people. They will waste time and taxpayer money fighting this and the other ludicrous assaults on american workers in the courts. And for your added information, if this were reversed and these assaults were being perpetrated by the left, the only thing different about my accounting of them would be changing the word Republicn to Democrat.

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 

      8 years ago from America

      When you are cutting government jobs you do put people out of work! BUT the savings to the majority of working Americans far outweighs the negative! Republicans are not doing enough cutting! We have many many govt factions that need to be shut down! The only attacks I see are liberals threatening democracy in Wisconsin, and the lives of conservatives! BTW I thought after ARizona you libs were so hurt by Sarahs crosshairs on a map you were going to play nice? hypocrites!


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