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Narendra Modi at Madison Square Garden - A Summary

Updated on September 29, 2014

Modi Enters At Madison Square Ground


Indian Americans

Garba, A Dance

Narendra Modi Delivers

Modi's Speech Ceremony

Event Management at Madison Square Garden:

New York Knicks basketball team’s home is Madison Square Garden. Here had showed Shakira, Michael Jackson, Britney Speers their performances with such kind of hurly-burly and excitement.Last time here performed Beatles' John Lennon .This event was organized by The Indo-American Community Federation (IACF).A rotating podium stage had been set up for Modi who delivered his speeches standing on it. A giant screen was also set up at Times Square for broadcasting live coverage of Modi’s lecture.Madison Square Garden was decorated accordingly and was thronged with excited 20000 American Indians. They came from 48 American States and five Canadian provinces. Not only American Indian but 50 US Congressmen and Senators also attended the occasion . Narendra Modi reached Square Garden at 9.06 pm IST.

Anchors :-

Nina Davuluri has been announced the Miss America 2014.She is an American Indian to have been crowned with such kind of honour.She was the anchor of Modi’s show. Hari Sreenivasan was his associate in this act. He is PBS NewsHour anchor.

Other Performances :-

At first a garba dance was performed. It was performed by a group of 16 girls .A group of 5 boys was also danced with the girls. ‘Garba’ is a dance which is famous in Gujrat. Then came Kabita Krishnamurty and his husband Subhramaniam.Kabita Krishnamurty is a playback singer in Bollywood and her husband is a renowned violinist. She sang the patriotic song ,’I love my India’ .She also sang the Bhajan 'Vaishnava Jan' which was a favorite of Mahatma Gandhi. ‘ Bande Mataram’ and ‘ Jay Ho’ were also performed.

Navaratri Greetings :

Modi greeted all with the blessing of blissful Nabaratri.He told that Navaratri is a festival for invocation and convention of strength and purification. Navaratri is worshiping for strength and purification. He said that he is happy to meet Indian American on the occasion of Nabaratri.

Relation Between America and India or Message of Unity With America :-

According to Modi America is the oldest Democracy while India is the largest . He said that all people around the world come to America while Indians are spread across the world. America owns all while India can fit everywhere. Thus he tried to make India united with America. He tried to establish universal brotherhood. He tried to set up a balance between America and India. He showed his respect for these two great countries. Thus he tried to raise the bond between American and Indian.

Explanation of People’s Expectation and Government’s Fulfilling The Promises:

He is aware that the Indian Americans have so many expectations from this government.He knows that Indian people also expect much more.There is an atmosphere of hope,encouragement and enthusiasm. Change is wanted.Victory in election does not mean owning a chair.It means responsibility. He said that since he took the office he did not take a 15 minute break.He added , “ I will not let you sleep too .” 21st century belongs to Asia. The government will be successful in fulfilling the aspirations of the people. India is a youthful nation but it has an old ,ancient culture. He said that we should not be disappointed and the skills of our youth will take India ahead. If the nation has to progress then good governance is essential. He told the creation of a separate Ministry for skill development.

Delivering His Make-in-India :-

He invited from this stage to to participate in Make in India. He added that human resources, low cost production could only be available in India. He requested all to look at MyGov. Website and get involved . He said that world is progressing, technology has been improved. So we should get the beneficial support out of technology.

Mars Orbiter Mission :-

He kept an instance of India’s capability.He said in Ahmadabad one needs 10 rupees a kilometer to travel. But our scientists have sent Mangalyaan or MOM a distance of 650 million kms to reach Mars .It spent a cost as low as 7 rupees per km.

Tribute To Gandhi and Ganga :-

Mahatma Gandhi never compromised on cleanliness. He gave us freedom. Giving him a clean Ganga will be best gift for him. Modi said Ganga is not only a river .It is much more important. North and East depend on Ganga economically. Both the sides of Ganga from Uttarakhand to Bay-of-Bengal are gifted fertile lands for agriculture and cultivation. It is earning for many an Indian. The growth of economy relies on it. Quoting Gandi Modi said that Gandhi once went to South Africa for becoming a barrister .He came back in India but did not take the job of a lawyer. Instead he took the great service to serve India. He devoted his life for the freedom of India.

Indian Americans :-

He announced that many a friend could not enter to watch and listen his voice .He greeted them too. According to Modi Indian American have gained respect in United State through their actions and morals and values. He added that they had not voted for him but he knew when the result was out , they were overwhelmed .Many friends went in India during his campaign when he could not thank them. So he thanked them today. Narendra Modi said ,”Those who stay in India for long time have to go to police stations too. They won't have to do that now. He knows that PIO card holders have lot of visa issues. They will get lifelong visas. In some time we will merge PIO and OCI schemes and make it one. A new scheme will be in place soon. US nationals will get long-term visas.” He also laid emphasis on travel. There would be scheme for traveling India. He invited the Indian Americans to help in developing the country.

Modi Waiving Hands


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