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Palin's Speech in Manchester, New Hampshire

Updated on September 5, 2011

Sarah Palin


Sarah and The Tea Party Movement: Dead Fish

I listened to Sarah Palin speech in Manchester New Hampshire. Apparently she has gotten a holed of a Thesaurus as her vocabulary has improved. She also claims the greatness of the Tea Party and says the Tea Party Movement is outside of the Beltway but then claimed the Tea Party Movement won the 2008 election which makes them establishment now. So I don't know if Palin knows if the Tea Party Movement is inside or outside the beltway? She blamed Barack Obama for the Credit Down Grade? What has Palin been smoking? Michelle Backmann and the Tea Party refused to raise the debt ceiling and caused the credit down grade. Who do they think they are fooling? Palin also made references that the Tea Party Movement is made up of Constitutionalists and then claimed that lower taxes are part of the constitution. Has Palin even read the USA Constituion?

Palin totally tore into Barack Obama for making big government? What about the Bushes? They believed in big government as well. She said Barack Obama had no record which I came away with thinking wow, better no record then a horrific leadership record like Palin's in Alaska. I doubt Palin could be elected to any public office since she abandoned her own in Alaska amongst ethics charges.

I heard something that might have sound something like an outline of an energy policy but besides that Palin's speech did not provide one substantive answer to any of the challenges facing this country today. And for all her criticism of Barack Obama and his "hopey changey" talk, Palin did the exact same thing. It would seem the Tea Party doesn't have any substantve plans to run the country either.

I found it odd that Palin would make a reference to a dead fish as it seemed quite appropriate for her, her speech and the Tea Party Movement in general. They all seem like dead fish, smelling up the place without providing one substantive answer to any of the challenges facing this country. And they are making the Republicans and Mitt Romney look very appealing since there is palpatable silence from the GOP.

Palin is a failed leader who abadnoned her public office and ran away to join Hollywood. She hasn't a clue beyond lining her won pocket as to how to address the challenges of this nation but only criticism for Barack Obama. And quite frankly, if Palin has nothing to say constructive to aid in mending this country she needs ot shut her mouth. It is counter productive and exceptionally unpatriotic to criticize sitting president without providing one substantive idea. And Sarah Palin is not running for office and garnishing all this negatve attention. The only substantive thing Palin had to say was that they guaranteed "Barack Obama" would be sent home. How is that constructive at all? Palin is up to the job. The most important question is not who is going home but who will be our next capable and competent president? We should be focused on finding the most capable and competent person for all leadership positions.

And as for her criticism of the media? Well I would think the Media is well aware Ms. Palin ethical and moral dilemna's as well as her inability to address any of the substantive needs of this country. And perhaps her Media coverage has revealed more than Ms. Palin would like people to know about her.

It is my humble opinion that the club that Ms. Palin claims President Obama belongs to which she despises is one of intellect and civility. Two qualities that Ms. Palin is lackng as well as any substantive ideas. Personally, I have a regard for people with intellect and civility. And I suggest given our current economic conditions that all candidates rise above the usual political back stabbing and make this an election on carefully thought out substantive issues and civility amongst each toher. Otherwise we are just the beasts Palin is and she projects that image onto all of America. Never do I hear Europeans laugh laouder then when Palin speaks. She is an embarrassment to this country.

Sarah speak only to substantive issues or don't speak at all because you are treading on the lower 48 and embarrassing yourself and all of us.

Substantive Issues

Do you believe the Tea Party Movement should be required to speak on substantive issues before they criticize anyone?

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