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The Modern Concepts and Principles of Political Science :The Development Dimensions of the “Contemporary Republic”

Updated on April 30, 2012
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

The contemporary time needs a new political remedy on the social cancer of the politicians tempted by greediness and vanity of political power and authority that controlled and influence by the sovereign electorate. This book provides new insights in the development of political philosophy and ethics defined by its purpose in the sovereign advocacy of freedom ,justice, equality and peace to all mankind.The “Contemporary Republic” provides the intellectual virtues on the passage on new form of political philosophy and development strategies confined the ideal political state of the 21st century. The ‘Republic” as the famous work of Plato used literary dialogue to describe the life situations in order to synthesize the dialectic form in regeneration the political, moral, ethical and social life in Greece. This book describes the social reality of life experiences to synthesize new political thought that responds to the need of the contemporary time. There are hidden answers in the “ Contemporary Republic” that provides to the perennial solution on problems about poverty, exploitation of the masses, corruption ,and spiritual crisis in the development of political order of the society.

The development prescriptions integrate the political philosophy and ethics of the politicians on the guiding standards of conduct to serve with genuine purpose to redeem the idea of the word “public servant” not as masters and rulers of men defined by their greed and vanity. There are contemporary ethical standards that a politician must know to redeem the superficial political platform in the genuine essence of politics to simply serve the poor people guided by the general idea of good governance. It is in this book that you can find true answers in the existence of genuine politics by enlightened thought that the sovereign electorate are no longer deceive by greed and vanity as the enduring political experience even the developed countries in the world.

The author would like to emphasize that the new trend of political development is now on social phenomenology as to the “rise and fall syndrome” in politics and the context of “human freedom” that defines the meaning of a nation by its own sovereign electorate ready to sacrifice just simply for the sake enlightened political advocacy of the freedom of all men. It is deeply rooted by the human courage to extinguish any form of political suppression and corruption when the “rule of men” abuses the political rights and freedom of the society. It is in this book that you can find the answer as to the origin of man’s freedom that has been evolving for the perfection on the idea of contemporary republic.

The real issue on governance discusses the solution to the problem of poverty. It is only in this book, you can find the answer from the traditional theory of the international funding institution through the United Nations that need to refocus the funding of development program for the poor. The Contemporary Republic brings you the real issue of social equity theory as the true solution to poverty. This is a modern economic theory to solve the problem of employment and income including strategic market prescription on the problem of global recession.

The sovereign country particularly the United Nations must now evaluate the new international political order as the contemporary time needs to address critical issues on sovereign nations. The political leaders are no longer working for the societal value based on the social justice, common good and general welfare but more on the empty promises to the poor. Find out more the political issues and concerns that we must need to address in this 21st century as author “Savior” would like to share the genuine meaning of international politics.

A. Political Dimension : Applied Ethics and Morality in Politics

The 13 Ugly Truths About the Politicians

The 10 Ethical Views of Politics: Afterlife Judgement on Human Motives and Actions

10 Commandments in International Politics

The Genuine Heart and Soul of International Politics

World Domination : The Moral Ground on Entertainment and Media

How the American Conquered the World in the 21st Century

Social Phenomenology of Political Freedom

The Social Phenomenology of Human Reciprocity and Generosity

The Defining Moment of Human Freedom and Integrity of the Arab Nations

The Social Phenomenology of the "Rise and Fall Syndrome" in the Arab World

The Contemporary International Politics of the Weberian Dialectics on Religion and Social Class

Human Vanity ( Ethics, Morality and Political Culture)

The Easter Reminder of our Beloved Father on Greed and Vanity

B. The Socio-Economic Dimension : Social Equity for Employment and Income in Politics

Strategic Market Diagnosis and Prescription of " Free Market Economy"

Economic Theory on the Development Strategy for Social Equity Programs

The Social Equity Model for Employment and Income : A Solution to the Root Cause of Poverty in Asia and Africa

Social Equity Model for Employment and Income in Agriculture

The Social Equity Model for Employment and Income: The Reality Check in the Social Enterprises of the Sovereign State

C. The Gender and Development Dimension

The Evolutionary Creation of Gender Bias

The Family-Oriented Approach to Human Development


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