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Why Parents Shouldn't Put Pressure On Their Teenage Daughters & Sons

Updated on September 15, 2014 | Source


People only undergo one period of their lives to separate them from their childhood period and their adolescence period, the stage in between is called puberty and it's considered as the most important period in humans lives, this period prepares people for adolescence, helps in building their characters and personalities and creates for them a better view of this world.

When puberty is lived as it should be lived, people then can be able to face and handle things better as they grow older according to what their puberty period have affected on them because it really affects teenagers.

A lot of parents think that they should be treating and raising their children the way they were raised, yes well it's not bad to take in few things,values and traditions from what they have been raised upon but as time changes, things and traditions change too and it would be just silly for parents to build up and raise their children upon what they've lived as a whole and just concentrate on that because new things are coming up,new generations are being brought up to this life and also new inventions and technologies are playing their role on people in general.

This article will mention some of the reasons of why parents shouldn't press and put pressure on their teenage daughters and sons.

-Your daughter/son might do it secretly:

That's right, if you put too much pressure on your son/daughter and tell him/her not to do a specific thing, this will not convince him/her and he/she might do it secretly,how would you know? So would you like it more if she does something secretly and make a bigger mistake than when you would have an idea that she/he might be doing this and that?
Instead try to advise them and educate them with logical and reasonable reasons and not by simply telling them not to do a specific thing. | Source

-You daughter/son might hurt her/himself:

As a reaction and if you tend to put too much pressure on them they might really think about hurting themselves when there's no other way for them to empty their anger and fire on.

- You might lose your daughter/son:

When your son/daughter finds that his/her friends parents are treating them better than you are and when they see how other parents treat their children they might really try to leave you and that's if they're really undergoing a big pressure from you.

- Your daughter/son might commit suicide:

A lot of teenagers might use this as a way if escaping the pressure and the problems they might be having, during puberty teenagers can be really sensitive and just lost, that's why you have to be gentle in your treatment with them.

-Your son/daughter might become aggressive:

Some teenagers might become simply aggressive if they get too much orders and pressures, they might learn that from their parents and give that back to their siblings,friends and others as reaction to empty what's inside them and to feel better. | Source

- Your son/daughter might do it in from of you :

Your son/daughter might do it in from of you as a reaction to show you that he/she must be free to do it, yes leave him/her do it sometimes,let her/him learn from his/her mistakes or just advise her/him and educate her/him and get her/him convinced.

-Your son/daughter might start to have a very weak personality :

If you keep on guiding your son/daughter and choosing things for him/her then he/she would get used to the idea of having someone to take care of their business and might not be able to do the same things for themselves when they attend to do them, also when they act as the obedient teenagers all of what they're going to be listening to is your orders and choices so how would you expect them to learn how to depend on themselves,choose for their own and build a nice and strong personality?

-Your son/daughter will not do it for love:

When you put pressures on your son/daughter to do a specific thing, he/she might not do it for love and for being convinced, he/she might do what you ask for but not in the appropriate way or not correctly and it will not be beneficial because it's done by force so always try to have them get convinced or never push it on them from the first place.

I hope you now have a good and a clear idea about this subject, check out the interesting topics below!

Do you?

Do you think/feel your child thinks you're putting pressure on him/her?

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    • RanaKm profile image

      RanaKm 3 years ago

      I'm glad that you agree and I hope that some parents realize this. Thank you for passing by and for your lovely comment :) *appreciated*

    • msginger profile image

      Mirmana 3 years ago from AMSTERDAM

      I agree with you specifically on your last point. If you try to 'control' your child (especially as a teenager) using reinforcements, they will not oblige out of love (or empathy). Instead you will get temporary compliance or defiance. Interesting to read.