The area of women's sexuality and women's bodies is still a

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    gmwilliamsposted 3 years ago
    controversial and contentious subject in this postmodern American society.  Despite the liberalization of women's roles pertaining to sexuality, there is still an underlying premise that women are to be as unobtrusive as possible.  Women who are highly confident sexually and wear revealing clothes are viewed somewhat negatively.  She is seen as "indecent" and "asking for trouble" as if there was something inherently "wrong" and "sinful" with a women's body.    Certains parts of women's bodies are considered to be taboo, even "obscene."

    This attitude is a leftover from biblical mythologies that indicated that women's bodies are inherently inferior and sinful.  Based upon biblical folklore that Eve tempted Adam, women, especially their bodies, were viewed as harbingers of temptation or worse.   There seems to be a threat when women's bodies are exposed often with negative sexual connotatoins attached.   

    The context of many religions to view women's bodies as evil.   Many religions, especially the Judeo-Christian religions, exalt modesty in women because they see women's bodies as impure and temptations  Such religions contend that if a woman's body is covered, there is a less likelihood of temptation.    Women's sexuality is also a loaded area.   There is still a double standard regarding women's sexuality but not as much as in previous centuries.  A woman who is bold with her body and sexuality is viewed as a threat because she is powerful and refuses to be owned whereas a woman who is reticient regarding her body and sexuailty is viewed as the good girl/woman and is considered to be manageable.  What are YOUR thoughts on this subject?

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      Human sexuality is based on the beauty of the woman's body. Actually, the beauty of the man's body too. (Also, we have to remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder...) God made these beautiful bodies and the human population is becoming (has become) more beautiful with every passing generation due to natural selection. So, it is really a matter of advertising. The women below are not  *advertising*  an interest in populating the species. The woman above IS.
      Women have to be careful what they are advertising. If what they are advertising does not come with the product (eggs to fertilize, happy home, nest, love...) then it is not really fair to the "customer…"

      Fore instance, is it fair to the butterfly looking for nectar or the bee trying to gather pollen when either one comes upon a flower made in China?