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Black Conservatives-Possible/ Black Reactionaries-No

  1. Credence2 profile image81
    Credence2posted 2 years ago

    When you look at the posters in this forum, I see liberal/progressives, conservatives and reactionaries.

    Without naming names everybody pretty much know under category they belong.

    When I read Mr. Brooks column for the New York Times, it dawned upon me that perhaps the turn of the GOP toward rabid reactionary within the last quarter century may not have the approval of true conservatives.

    It may be possible that the 'true conservatives' are just as alarmed by the rise of the reactionaries as I am. So, I apologize for my lumping in these conservative in with reactionaries, when they could well be two differing animals.

    The late Edward Brooke of Mass. was a Republican, a conservative.  Would he be comfortable in today's GOP political climate? How about Colin Powell, people that I respect as reasonable people, inspite of their political allegience?

    To be a Black reactionary is like knowingly drinking cyanide on the rocks, promoting the KKK and lynching your own. It is a state of Sado-masochism, these men are merely 'buck dancing' accommodationists of a system and constituency that just as soon see them and theirs destroyed.

    But under the terms of what conservatism meant during a period when our society was not at such extreme ideological poles, it need not imply selfishness, sexism, racism, xenophobia, plutocracy which, unfortunately, people associate 'conservatism' with today based on the patent views and representation of today's GOP.

    1. GA Anderson profile image82
      GA Andersonposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Ha! I was right. Early in our initial conversations I warned you that I would rub off on you.

      But I think you might want to consider the motives of those you view as Black reactionaries before passing judgement. Several names come to mind that fit your description to a "T," but several other names that could be deemed reactionary also come to mind that are "reactionary" because of their passion and beliefs, not their willingness to step on their brethren.


      1. Credence2 profile image81
        Credence2posted 2 years agoin reply to this

        Ok, Buddy, don't rub it in.

        But it is scary that the 'true conservative' has no political representation and as a species is fast joining the ranks of the passenger pigeon.

        In desperation, are the true conservatives aligning with the GOP, the reactionary party, by default?

        As for Black conservatives verses reactionaries, you are wrong. Psychologically healthy black people know that the tenets of the reactionary have never been in their best interests. For these folks, you can be bought out, sold out or be demented. The black man that is passionate about his own destruction needs to go to a psychiatrist. How are you going to support ideas that are contrary to your experience and very existence? Dr. Carson for example has absolutely no credibility with the black community, none. He spouts off about the same reactionary tenets that the David Dukes and Pat Buchanans speak about routinely. Now, he attacks  Muslims, but those same principles were once used to exclude him and his. I like my leaders to be smarter than this and see the larger implication of what they propose and represent. It is a larger crime because as a consciously aware black man, he should know better. People that are passionate about their own unraveling and destruction are sick.

    2. gmwilliams profile image84
      gmwilliamsposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Credence2, nice to hear from you again.  The Republican Party has become more reactionary in scope.  It has veered so far to the right in terms of its sociopolitical stance.  It seems that all types of inductive & deductive logic is becoming more absent from the Republican Party.  Many Black conservatives are becoming pedagogues, pandering to the most rabidly rightist American.  Such Black Republicans/extreme conservatives dismiss the notion of racism entirely.  They remark that the problem is not Caucasian hegemony but instead the major problem is with the Blacks themselves.  Jessie Lee Peterson is fond of asserting that it is the Black family & community that is in total disrepair and that Caucasian people are never the problem.   Larry Elders refuse to address the matter altogether, remarking that anyone can succeed in America regardless of race & that the word racism is merely a subterfuge that Blacks use as an excuse to be perpetual victims. 

      Edward Brooks & Colin Powell are aware & compassionate Republicans.  They are aware that racism exist & have spoken on this many times.  Also, at times, they were critical of the Republican Party & have criticized some of its policies.  However, the current incarnation of Black Republicans refuse to address the core issues surrounding the Republican Party.  In fact, they seem to be in total agreement regarding its sociopolitical & socioeconomic policies, especially as it pertains to the Black community.  They strongly advocate a bootstrap policy, refusing to acknowledge that there is a faction of the poor who truly are unable to socioeconomically uplift themselves without some type of governmental assistance.

      1. Credence2 profile image81
        Credence2posted 2 years agoin reply to this

        Did you miss me, thank you for the gracious welcome. I ran afoul with certain reactionary folks that operate on this forum who look for an an excuse to silence opposition when the ludicrisy of their positions and ideas are just about to be made manifest to everyone.

        Black conservatives that pander to the reactionary right wing that run the GOP are no longer black conservatives, but reactionaries, enablers.

        Look out, Uncle Tom, here comes Uncle Ben!

        You can break it up like so

        The liberals may be in error when they assume that all the problems within the black community are coming from the outside

        True conservatives acknowledge that the problems of the black community comes from both the outside and from within.

        The reactionary says that the problems of the black community and family are totally their own and discounts any contribution from the larger society.

        While I have to acknowledge that the truth may lie somewhere inbetween the liberal and true conservative prospectives, the reactionary is way off base.

        Most of the Black Republicans that really support the GOP are useful clowns. That includes Dr. Carson and Herman Cain and his pizza box empire. They are callously used to promote the appearance  of diversity without any substance. Reactionaries, by their very definition, can never take black folks seriously.

        There remains a good argument for benificial improvement for the black community and families from some of the conservative tenets of self reliance. But to say that Blacks vote for the Dems because of free cell phones and lavish handouts is an reactionary attitude that does not even attempt to address the problems at hand.

        The new reactionary GOP thumbs it nose at Colin Powell, embraces the idiocrisy of Michelle Bachman, Donald Trump and a host of other characters..

        Anyway, I look forward to greater communication between us on the forums..

        1. gmwilliams profile image84
          gmwilliamsposted 2 years agoin reply to this

          Yes, you were sorely missed.  I thought that you took a voluntary hiatus, not a forced one.

        2. PrettyPanther profile image83
          PrettyPantherposted 2 years agoin reply to this

          I noticed you were gone.  Glad you are back.  Figured you were victim of conservative, er, I mean reactionary, "Report-itis."

          1. Credence2 profile image81
            Credence2posted 2 years agoin reply to this

            Thanks, Panther, now that the vacation is over its back to the conflict.