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Does Fox News Think Its Own Viewers are Stupid?

  1. crankalicious profile image94
    crankaliciousposted 12 months ago

    Here's a recent graphic presented on Fox News:


    This graphic was presented for the specific purpose of showing how Donald Trump has performed better than Barack Obama during the first 100 days of his presidency.

    I have to wonder how many of Fox viewers concluded that this data point, which is absolutely accurate, shows what Fox says it shows.

    It seems to clearly indicate that Fox does not believe that its viewers are smart enough to understand the misleading nature of the graphic. It's pretty stunning, actually.

    If you watch and generally rely on Fox News for information. Are you insulted by this graphic or does it reinforce your confidence that President Trump is doing a good job?

    1. wilderness profile image97
      wildernessposted 12 months agoin reply to this

      Looks like all the other meme's I see - completely false in what is being insinuated.  Fox is in really good company here, or at least LARGE company!

      (Before reading your text, the first reaction was "So what?")

      1. crankalicious profile image94
        crankaliciousposted 12 months agoin reply to this

        I'm not sure this qualifies as a meme. This was something presented on Fox to establish that President Trump is doing a good job and compares favorably with President Obama.

        Now, having not viewed the actual segment myself, it's possible this was made up to amuse people like myself.

        For the moment, let's assume this is a screen shot from an actual Fox News broadcast. Does that suggest Fox News viewers are dumb or that Fox News is just a terrible news organization? Or neither?

        1. wilderness profile image97
          wildernessposted 12 months agoin reply to this

          To me it just suggest that "fake news" is the wave of the future, coming to rest today.  Worthless information, either true or false, being presented in the hopes that viewers won't bother to engage their brain when they see it.  An awful lot of that going around, whether in memes, other pretty pictures, videos and text.  And, for too many people, it works too well. sad

        2. Jean Bakula profile image99
          Jean Bakulaposted 12 months agoin reply to this

          Trump is doing a terrible job, the reason millions of citizens are demonstrating in the streets.Fox News got ugly as soon as Obama was the obvious winner in his first term. Prior to that, at least they were trying to be fair. They make up facts to show that only "R"s do things that are good for America. I will say that although I don't like Bill O'Reilly, these women who claim assault after so many years are not believable, and when more and more pile on, it's for money. A woman should be strong enough to withstand, eek, being called Hot Chocolate.

          Trump keeps saying his win was Historic, when charts on any other station show that it was the closest election in 5 Presidencies, and he was elected by the fewest people. His thin skin will be his downfall. It was silly for him to avoid the correspondence dinner last night, but he can't take a joke when it's about him. Last time he threw Melania under the bus.

          He keeps saying how hard the job is. He isn't well educated. I didn't realize his corporation was just a family biz with no Board of Directors or anything to keep him in check. He's tying to run the country like that, and just realizing whatever he wants to do, doesn't get done because HE approved it.. Other bodies of Government have to approve it. I am sure once the truth comes out about his ties to Russia (His son Eric has been very vocal saying how "the money is pouring in from Russia,") he will get impeached. Of course, then we have Pence, another jerk who wants women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, and buries his wive's "unclean" menstrual flow. Or did, she's likely through menopause by now. What normal woman would marry a man like that, who lives by the rules of the Torah? Strict Jews don't even go that far.

          He's reading the teleprompter better. But these narcissistic rallies are crazy, and the dumb people who attend them don't realize most of his cabinet is from Goldman Sacks. And our Secretary of State is clueless. Trump has already insulted many world readers. You see this on any news station or magazine. It's not smart to fight the 1st amendment, unless you want to see the US turn into Russia. A free press is integral to the running of a democracy.

  2. Live to Learn profile image79
    Live to Learnposted 12 months ago

    I'd gave to agree with wilderness. These types of things rarely tell the whole or real story and certainly aren't limited to a single news outlet- even if this one turns out to be associated. Although I doubt any person would look at such and gain the interpretation you think is supposed to be deduced. No one can change things in such a short time. Those figures would imply the preceding administration were responsible.

    1. crankalicious profile image94
      crankaliciousposted 12 months agoin reply to this

      Why do you think Fox showed the graphic?