How do i get a guy to stop liking me?

  1. unknownmind97 profile image54
    unknownmind97posted 8 years ago

    How do i get a guy to stop liking me?

    okay well i had a guy that has liked me forever and i politely told him that i have a boyfriend and i can't see him, but he doesn't leave me alone. But i'm really worried because my boyfriend gets really mad him for all the stuff he does and says, but i really don't want to have my boyfriend fight with him. I so confused!

  2. lisaluv9784 profile image83
    lisaluv9784posted 8 years ago

    Th easiest way is to just tell him,and be very straight forward about it. I know from experience that if you don't be brutally honest with them,they will sometimes think there is a chance and will keep trying.
    If he still keeps it up,avoid contact with him. If he is a friend of yours,let him know that you wont tolerate this,and it is causing problems in your current relationship. Tell him that you can't continue to be friends if he persists.
    If he isn't a friend of yours,then just stay away from him. If he contacts you,ignore him,whether it be phone calls or E-mails. He will sooner or later decide to move on.