Why do people envy other people?

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  1. snoblet profile image83
    snobletposted 12 years ago

    Why do people envy other people?

    Everyone is envying people that they think is better than them... I am wondering if there is anyone out here that does not envy? since people are envying other people better than them... so who is the best? I mean who is that one person that never envy because they are at the top of the pyramid and that there is no way to envy because he is the best of the best?

  2. danielleantosz profile image71
    danielleantoszposted 12 years ago

    I disagree with your definition of envy.  I am not envious of people because I think they are better than me.  I think it is human nature to envy what you don't have. IE: a  single guy is envious of his married pal for having people who love him unconditionally, a married guy who is envious of his single friend for having independence, or a college student being envious of someone one already on a career path and that person missing being in college with the world at their feet.  I think it is more a matter of perspective and nostalgia.Some people are envious of a car or home or belonging... that type of envy is shallow and destructive.

  3. sen.sush23 profile image59
    sen.sush23posted 12 years ago

    The feeling of envy is a kind of recognition to self of the 'absence'  of something, or being' less than' in some way. The person who does not envy, need not be the one man at the top of any pyramid. He may be a man at the bottom of the pyramid, but one who has found satisfaction and acceptance in his situation and what he has. That is really the perfect way to not be envious. But there is the other way too. When you have identified the object of your envy, you have also identified the sense of lack in you - for achievements, or qualities you can counter the envy with working to achieving it. If you are envious of a colleague who is a favorite in office, find out what it is that makes him so adorable to all. It may be that he is a confidante who can keep trust - while you may actually gossip and let down the friend who had trusted you. So go on, and become empathic and considerate of people's need to privacy. If you are envious of a friend who is doing very well in career compared to you, it may be he is also giving that extra push to keep himself ahead of the rest. You may not be working as hard.

    There may be a cost incurred too - and that is the other side of the story. When the friend whom you envy for his fast rise in office, is actually envying you for your happy and easy family life, because you have more time for your kids. So decide if you would barter your family time for more responsibility and fat pay packet.

    And as to envying material possessions, that is a kind of running after mirages. You never can have all or enough of the worldly goods. The only way to escape this mad rush, or get out-of-the-grid, is to come to terms with your abilities and understand your real needs. You may not really need a bigger car, or those luxury cruises that your neighbor flaunts. So, why don't you enjoy the weekend picnics or the game of football with your kids, that makes you feel so good even on Monday morning? Just need to encourage the attitude of satisfaction to beat out the green envy glare in your eyes!

  4. shampa sadhya profile image74
    shampa sadhyaposted 12 years ago

    I think people envy because:

    1. There is no selfless love. The dearest relationship is also not an exception.

    2.  Lack of self confidence.

    3.  Appreciating wholeheartedly is far from human nature.

    Thus, it is obvious to envy but try a little harder, come out of this mindset and life will become enjoyable and not envious.

  5. jacqui2011 profile image78
    jacqui2011posted 12 years ago

    I think people envy when they feel that they are unhappy with their own lives and desire more. I am not envious of anyone, I have what I have and it is up to me to get what I want one day. It takes hard work, dedication and self belief to go after what you want in life. We make our own paths.

  6. daskittlez69 profile image77
    daskittlez69posted 12 years ago

    People always want what they do not have.  Of course once they have it they usually don't want it or they forget about it.

  7. Doc Snow profile image88
    Doc Snowposted 12 years ago

    Envy is a lack of gratitude for what we do have.  Humans are probably somewhat prone to envy because a little bit of 'built-in' discontent prods us to seek something better in our lives.

    But most of us do in fact have a lot in our lives to be grateful for (or, if you prefer, "appreciative of.")  And we're happier, and even healthier, if we can manage to keep that fact in sight.

    Which suggests a second description of envy:  it is a deleterious failure of perspective.


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