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Was there a cover up in Benghazi?

  1. Cassie Smith profile image70
    Cassie Smithposted 5 years ago

    Was there a cover up in Benghazi?

    It sure looks like it.  The Obama Administration has a video showing that there was no protest at the consulate.  Obama lied.  Where's the transparency that he promised?  I guess he should have been attending those security briefings but the fact that he wasn't showed that he had no interest.  Now Biden said during the debate that they weren't informed.  Really? It looks like they're looking to blame this on someone.  What did Biden say during the debate about taking responsibility?  I guess Obama won't take responsibility and he's getting ready to throw Hillary Clinton under a bus.

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    SassySue1963posted 5 years ago

    I have every notion they are about to throw Hillary under the bus. You'll notice that Biden and Carney have both made a point to say that the decision not to send extra security was made by the State Department. They've never actually denied knowing about the request, only that they did not make the decision. As for the video thing, I highly doubt that Hillary had the authority to send their mouthpiece out to every single solitary news outlet to blame it on a video. Pretty certain that little order had to come from the Administration.

    1. Cassie Smith profile image70
      Cassie Smithposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      So true SassySue.  Obama and his cohorts  lied every step of the way. I can't stand that they keep referring to Ambassador Stevens as Chris, as if he was a friend yet they screwed him over and he ended up murdered then they cover it up.

  3. The Frog Prince profile image80
    The Frog Princeposted 5 years ago

    Was there a cover up of Watergate?  Same answer.