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Why do people feel like all our problems in society are new?

  1. Cre8tor profile image98
    Cre8torposted 4 years ago

    Why do people feel like all our problems in society are new?

    Questions like, "why is there more violence?" or "why are politicians doing ___???" etc.... Have people stopped reading their history books?

  2. profile image0
    cjaroszposted 4 years ago

    They have suddenly become aware. They are no longer blinded by the things that they do not wish to see.

  3. Smireles profile image77
    Smirelesposted 4 years ago

    It depends on where in the world you live. In the United States, people live well above the expected standard of living in most of the rest of the world. Not that there are not wealthy people in the rest of the world. It is just that average people expect to make sacrifices. Here in the United States, it seems to me that Virtual Reality has taken over the average person's mind. We permit violence and even enjoy violence in our movies and video games while pretending that the real world is civil and non-violent. Yes, people have stopped reading their history books, and in fact history is being rewritten by the historians as we speak. Most young people have no idea what happened, really happened during the twentieth century. I have lived through change that would shock the mind of young people today. I still remember the very first Rockwell calculator we bought for $150. Thirty years ago we bought our first microwave oven and it was a very new thing. Technology has changed our world and our PERCEPTION of the world. Most people have no clue that before the Dark Ages, Rome and Greece were very civilized and had many modern conveniences. They were lost before and can be lost again if we are not careful.
    Proverbs 14:34 Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a disgrace to any people. NASB.
    Most people have no clue where society has been or where it is going. They exist in their own little world and do not even think about the past or future. Many have no clue what is really going on around them right now. Live for the moment is their motto. Sorry for the rant but I am concerned about the direction our world is taking.

  4. MarleneB profile image96
    MarleneBposted 4 years ago

    I think people just finally wake up and are now aware of what the world is really like. I believe that because I lived a sheltered life as a military brat. Living on the military bases shielded me from a lot of the outside world. I remember when I finally left home to live on my own, I called my mother and told her how horrible it was living out here in the world. I remember telling her it was like living in a soap opera.

  5. IDONO profile image82
    IDONOposted 4 years ago

    I don't think there is more violence and corruption now, relative to the population increasing over the years. Of course, social media and internet are an obvious reason that we hear so much more, so quickly. But the problems are not new. Methods; maybe. But the results are the same.
         I think we can find a big part of our answer without opening a book. We just have to listen. If you look at so many of the crimes we hear about today, 50 or 70 years ago, people just didn't talk about them. Many of these crimes remained behind closed doors because of the stigmas they carried with them. Women didn't come forward when abused physically or sexually. Nobody discussed the violent drunk at home. No one talked about teen pregnancy. The list goes on and on. So the crimes have always been there. We just didn't hear about it because talking about them was "taboo".
         Over the last couple generations, there has been such an extreme change in what is acceptable to talk about publicly, that people just automatically believe that these things didn't exist in the past. But they did.

    1. MarleneB profile image96
      MarleneBposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Good point. More people are coming out of the closet. What we would have been embarrassed to talk about in the past, we're now posting to social media platforms for all to read.