Why are the Republican politicians so afraid of Iran?

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  1. Dr Billy Kidd profile image92
    Dr Billy Kiddposted 3 years ago

    Why are the Republican politicians so afraid of Iran?

    It's like they've rehearsed the line they use against the Clintons and Cuba: "You can't trust them."
    Meanwhile, North Korea has nukes and is building missiles that can hit the U.S. But no Republican Congressional rage against that.


  2. twayneking profile image86
    twaynekingposted 3 years ago

    1. N. Korea has an instinct for self-preservation. They already have nukes. Iran has a fanatic leadership which believes it is on a mission from Allah to rule the world. They have threatened to destroy Israel directly. The Iranians have directly sponsored terrorists. North Korea wants to conquer S. Korea intact so they can bleed its riches. Iran would be happy turning Israel into a lake of glass.

    2. The Republicans have long been arguing that N. Korea is part of an Axis of Evil that needs to be stopped. We've already blown stopping N. Korea from getting nukes. N. Korea is probably the least scary of the bunch because Kim Jong Un is more interested in preening and preserving his privileges than he is in ruling the whole world. The Ayatollah, on the other hand, believes as a matter of religious doctrine in a Caliphate that will one day rule the world.

    3. Iran, so far, does not have nukes. It is important to keep it that way because Iran has a history of arming terrorists.

    You can't trust them is not naive. What is naive is to assume a government that regularly leads group chants of "Death to America, Death to Israel" doesn't mean what it says.

    1. Dr Billy Kidd profile image92
      Dr Billy Kiddposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      The U.S. C.I.A. helped overthrow the elected democratic government in Iran in 1954. The U.S. installed a dictator, who killed 20,000 politicians and intellectuals. That left only the religious people with any power. Why trust the U.S. now?

  3. Old-Empresario profile image82
    Old-Empresarioposted 3 years ago

    Iran has oil reserves. Also, Iran is a "debutant" right now that is being courted by the major powers of Asia. It will soon be untouchable if Russia or China make successful inroads. The Democrats want to make offers of alliance since Iran is hated by every other Moslem nation in the Middle East. The Republicans want to destroy Iran for a variety of reasons, from religious principle to Viking-style conquest of oil.

    1. Dr Billy Kidd profile image92
      Dr Billy Kiddposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Very interesting answer. Thanks.


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