Do you believe that world would be a more peaceful place if there were more wome

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  1. laksi profile image70
    laksiposted 3 years ago

    Do you believe that world would be a more peaceful place if there were more women in power?

    Before 3000 BC, for over 1 million years (according to Cynthia Eller), women were worshipped for their childbearing powers, as it had not yet been discovered that men were involved at all, and so societies were much more peaceful as a result. Patriarchy is apparently only 5000 years old and brought with it hierarchies and gender inequality. Matriarchy is not, as you may believe, women 'ruling' but rather a system that celebrates gender equality and respect for living creatures. What do you think - would the world be a more peaceful place today if there were more women in power?

  2. Tusitala Tom profile image66
    Tusitala Tomposted 3 years ago

    I don't know whether the Ancient History, as depicted and interpreted by Cynthia Eller, is spot on but the answer to your question is obvious:  Yes!

    Yes, the world would be a far, far more peaceful place if there were more women in power.   There wouldn't be as many of these silly, out dated notions such, "Fighting for my country."  for one thing.

    More importantly, women are not so willing to raise a baby to adulthood and see him go off and get killed fighting someone he's never met in his life just because a government (many of whose members came to office because of the support of big business interests) told their boy it was 'his duty.'

  3. connorj profile image80
    connorjposted 3 years ago

    I would think that more profoundly that it is much more complicated then simply a thing of gender. A matter of fact, I believe the World could slip into another World conflict more quickly with Clinton in. Perhaps it is a function of relative strength of position as one comes into power and the ability to insulate us from the selling out of our strengths for money and political favor to external entities...
    Having texted that, indeed it is possible with the right grey matter in charge it is possible. That grey matter would be resistant to raising significant funds externally with a hidden significant political cost to our best interests
    That grey matter could be of female gender if they were not significantly attached/influenced by outside, foreign and even from our enemies....

  4. integrater profile image59
    integraterposted 3 years ago

    That is a misconception. It really depends on the person irrespective of the gender. A male, female or any sane human  is capable of making reasonable decisions that promote peace and harmony. The exact opposite is also true.
    I don't know who Cynthia Eller is. But most modern humans incorrectly assume that people who lived in "ancient times" were stupid. Do you really think people who built the exceptionally planned cities in Harappa civilization did not know how a child was produced?

  5. Findecano profile image59
    Findecanoposted 3 years ago

    The answer, like everything, is relative. People from ancient times lived their lives differently than we do now (that very much includes a lack of concept on what power is, for example), and had a magic view of life.
    You said it yourself, we introduced hierarchies, and we can’t just toss them out. We literally can’t, I think Communism proved that one for us. The way our culture has evolved makes it impossible to regress to such notions, except in some utopian determination.
    It’s not about gender, it’s about the nature of power. Power corrupts, and/or requires sacrifice. Machiavelli said you can’t expect virtue from it and it tend to agree, at least from experience that’s all I’ve known. Successful achieving of harmony and peace, or success in any other great endeavor requires extraordinary individuals to take it to term, independently of gender.


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