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What is your SOLUTION for the current, ever widening welfare problem in the Unit

  1. gmwilliams profile image85
    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    What is your SOLUTION for the current, ever widening welfare problem in the United States?


  2. lovemychris profile image61
    lovemychrisposted 2 years ago

    Tax the rich feed the poor. Simple. And just rich have everything handed to them. We all work hard around here. Only they profit. Thom Jefferson, "labor is much more to be valued than wealth.".16th amendment was to tax profit, not labor! Now labor pays tax at higher rate than profit!

  3. peeples profile image94
    peeplesposted 2 years ago

    When you say welfare I will assume you don't actually mean just welfare which is an independent program, but instead all government assistance programs like WIC, Food Stamps, housing assistance, etc.
    Drug test anyone getting welfare since drug tests can be bought for pennies at whole sale. Remove anyone who fails, though don't punish the children, just offer an alternative program for the children. While I am not against people doing drugs, after all it is their own body, I am against the same person who wastes money on those drugs then asking for help with other financial needs.
    Reward working instead of punishing it. Most people on welfare lose it when they start working. Just because there is an income doesn't mean a person doesn't need help. I'd much rather help a person who is struggling after gaining employment than helping someone who has been jobless for a year or more.
    Make higher education more available in low income areas since lower income are less likely to get a college education. Maybe even offer incentives for attending college. Again I'd rather the money go towards people attempting to help themselves, because if they are getting an education they will be more likely to come off welfare programs in the future. Also in many states people who choose to go to college are penalized and lose welfare because they are going to school. That seems very backwards to me, as if the government is only capable of looking at right now  instead of looking at long term. Think of it as birth control reduces unwanted pregnancies so less low income people getting their pregnancy covered by medicaid. Same for college. It boosts income reducing the need for many (not all) of those people needing assistance later.
    Really I think my list could go on and on. I'd do a hub about it but it likely would never get viewed because no one cares what some average person thinks on the topic. There are ways to fix the problem though.
    EDIT- Sorry didn't realize how long it was, maybe I should have written a hub! smile

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      gmwilliamsposted 2 years agoin reply to this


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      Michaela Osieckiposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      So people who are struggling with addiction don't deserve to eat or have access to a safe environment to overcome that addiction?

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      peeplesposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Every state has free access to mental health/addiction counseling. If they were to choose to sign up for one of those programs and stay drug free during it they should be able to get welfare, but must show an effort in my opinion.

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    junkoposted 2 years ago

    The only solution is American jobs even if the jobs are WPA type Government jobs to add to private sector jobs. The hardest job is doing nothing but waiting on Welfare, the people want and need work to feel their self worth.

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    Say Yes To Lifeposted 2 years ago

    Make sure every high school kid graduates with marketable skills that will enable them to earn a living wage, and make learning about managing money mandatory for graduating.  Do away with treating college like a 4 year summer camp, and teach entrants the necessity of networking and internships.  Our problem is that we have too many educated derelicts!

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    My Esotericposted 2 years ago

    Your question assumes the welfare in the US is growing.  It isn't, and hasn't been since about 2013 after most of the debilitating consequences of the 2007 - 2008 recession had been mitigated by gov't action (to the degree the Conservatives allowed it, anyway.)

    But, to help accelerate the decrease in public assistance support; start doing what is needed to slow down the growth in income inequality (only depressions and wars will reverse it).  Ensure that 90% of the growth of our nation doesn't remain with the top 1% and instead is allowed to be earned by those who actually do the production (the worker-bee and lower level management.)